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As all those clothes-loving women out there know, putting together a cracking holiday wardrobe is actually a lot harder than it may first seem. The act of actually being able to choose your favourite wardrobe pieces, make sure they all work and interchange together and will also fit into the small luggage allowances, these days, is almost impossible. However, my some kind of miracle, as I arrived and unpacked my bag in my East Sussex holiday destination, a few weeks ago, I soon discovered I had managed to create a really good collection of clothes. They were all within a certain colour palette, fitted and mixed together with each other easily, and allowed me to style up lot’s of gorgeous holiday outfits to wear.


Without worrying and thinking about my summer holiday wardrobe, this year, I managed to put together quite a good selection of my favourite wardrobe items and purely summer appropriate pieces. So, all summer wardrobe’s start off by a good old shopping trip and picking out lot’s of lovely summer pieces to wear on holiday. There’s honestly nothing quite like wearing lovely new clothes when you go on holiday. These shopping trips consist of picking out myultiple new items and kind of working on the vibe that you’re style is heading towards, during the summer. Personally, my vibe is girly chic, with a mix of textures, florals and lace. I still find it really hard to define my style, however I think this is a good attempt so far.

The key pieces of my summer wardrobe are all thanks to New Look, and I think that they were really killing it for Spring/Summer 16. There’s this gorgeous white lace dress, which suits my body shape so perfectly and really is thrown on, go-to piece. I’m also really loving these black and cream camisole’s, because of just how chic, elegant and sophisticated they on; giving any outfit Chanel-esque. This blush faux-leather skirt completes my key pieces, and adds a girly sexiness to an outfit. I really love pairing this with one of the camisole’s to create a chic, but also sexy day or night look. I don’t think any of these items are in stock any more, but New Look are defitely selling this skirt in darker, more autumnal colours.


However, not all the items I packed fitted into the muted colour theme, and there’s was also a few more top’s, trousers and shorts to add to my summer wardrobe. These khaki green patterned trousers, from Peacocks, if you can actually believe that, are my absolute go-to style of trousers at this time of the year. They’re so floaty, light and super comfortable to wear; making them the perfect trousers to wear for hotter weather. The shorts just below the khaki trousers are known as my posh shorts and are an item which allows you to make wearing shorts chic and glamourous. They’re actually a skort style of shorts, however they are made of a floaty dark floral fabric and look gorgeous with the black cami I mentioned earlier.


My Summer Style Tips

1.Know which styles and shapes suit your body shape and really stick to them. I always think that summer is one of the most important times to feel body confident, and sticking to shapes that suit you will maximise your self confidence massively.

2. Think carefully about how much you will actually wear summer appropriate pieces, because if you live in the UK, then you will never really get the wear out of buying really expensive summer items. So, try to buy affordable pieces, which look good, but also have a price that is equal to the amount of wear you will get out of it.

3. Don’t just follow the stereotypical summer trends because they’re popular. Think about exactly what styles suit you and then adapt the current summer trends according to that. Try to substitute shorts for a skort, or white jeans for white trousers, according to your style and what really suits you.

4.Think about future summer’s when buying holiday pieces, because you may not get the wear or use out of them. So if you choose more carefully, then you will be able to wear the pieces for future summer’s and you will love them and feel confident wearing them again and again.

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Rachel x


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  1. 11th August 2016 / 12:45 PM

    I love this post, your summer collection is so lovely and bright! Also I love your neutral themed shoes, I need! xo


    • rachelydia
      11th August 2016 / 1:23 PM

      Thank you, I’m glad that you loved the post because I really loved writing it. Yeah, neutral themed shoes are the way to go! You can mix and match them with all your outfits then x P.S I will check out your blog too