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During summer and packing for holidays, I always find myself digging out those mini products, which are perfect for travelling with, and also falling back in love with some of my old favourite’s. So, after popping over to the Brighton Coastline for a week away, I thought I would share 5 products, which I loved using, whilst on my summer holiday…

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel | The Body Shop

Shower gel is not normally a product that I’m particularly fussy about, because I’ve never really found one that I love to use. I’ve never seen the difference between using different shower gel’s, or the real benefits of using one particular one. However, after discovering this mini version of the Wild Argan Oil shower gel, from the body shop, my opinion quickly changed. I loved how this shower gel is so nourishing for your skin and how it makes shaving a lot smoother and easier to create a good finish. This mini will cost you around £4, however I’m definitely planning on investing in the full size one, because I really love everything about this product.

Ultra Matte Lip Colour | Revlon

I’ve raved about this product before, which you can go and have a read of HERE. However recently I had fallen out of love with the classic nude shade of this matte lip colour, and was bored of just how much I was loving this product. But, this didn’t last for long, as it really was my ultimate go-to lip product, whilst I was on holiday, and a product I just couldn’t get enough of. It look so effortless chic, natural and also simple on the lips, whilst adding a product which pulls your whole makeup look together and that goes with endless beauty combinations. It really is the perfect everyday lip product, whether that’s a summer day out or a date night, and I would really recommend trying it out if you’re a lover of a good nude lip.

Daily Intimate Wash | Femfresh

Personally I’ve never seen the point in having a separate intimate wash, and I’ve always just considered my general shower gel as being good enough for all parts of my body. However, after packing a free mini which I got from a goodie bag, in my toiletry bag and tried it out, I soon realised that my opinion was completely wrong. This Femfresh intimate wash is made to suit the PH of your intimate area’s, which other shower gel’s do not consider, and therefore they can be too harsh and also not necessarily do what you want them to do. So, this wash allows you to wash your intimate area’s in a way which is safe and not too harsh for these private area’s. It’s a product which is probably disregarded, however it really is worth a try and you will be able to see the difference for yourself.

‘Perfect Topping’ Mineralise Skin Finish | Mac

 A good highlighter is key to any summer makeup look, and I personally like a subtle glow that leaves your cheekbones with a natural highlight; and this Mineralise Skin Finish does the job. With pearlescent tones of cream, nude, brown and a light violet, they combine to create the perfect topping to your cheek bones. It is a slightly more expensive product, at around £24 , however it lasts for absolutely ages and I’ve been using mine for over 2 years now and it’s still yet to run out. It’s not an overly obvious highlighter, however it looks really natural and that’s the vibe, I’m always trying to achieve, with my everyday makeup look.

‘022 Sun Bronze’ Natural Bronzer | Rimmel

Bronzer has to be one of my staple makeup products, and that’s because I honestly don’t know how I would be able to complete my everyday makeup face without the use of it. Being English and getting almost no sun in the UK, I’m often pale and bronzer is the only amount of colour I’m every going to get on my face. However, finding the perfect one is less than an easy job, due to the large amount of orange and terrocota toned products on the high-street. So, when I discovered this Rimmel Natural bronzer, through a recommendation from one of my favourite youtubers, I fell in love with it. The formulation of the product is amazing; it’s long lasting, long wearing, the colour pigment is super natural and the perfect tone for my skin, and it’s also a really affordable price. This will set you back around £6, however it’s the best affordable bronzer I’ve ever used, and I would really recommend it if you have more pale, but yellow toned skin.

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