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If you follow me on any of my social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest, then you will know that I’m embarking on a new post series venture, to celebrate summer 2016. I just thought that as rachelspick is now a bit more grown up, with it’s own domain name and chic new design, that it was time to up my game a little bit and create something, for you all to look forward to and enjoy. There hasn’t been any form of monthly series, over on here, for a very long time and so I thought I owed it to my little blog, and to all my readers, to create something new, packed full of  exciting content; which I will love creating and you will hopefully all enjoy reading.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what the series is all about, and all the juicy details of when it’s going to be happening. So, the series will be running throughout the whole month of August and will be packed full of summer themed content, along the way. My post schedule will stay the same, with a new post every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm, however there may also be a few extra posts thrown in as well. I always find summer a really difficult time for blogging, especially creating interesting content that people will want to take time out of the sun to read and also to find time to blog and keep to some form of schedule. So, this series is almost a bit of a challenge for me as well, to try and push myself to create exciting content and keep to a schedule.

Throughout the month there will be a variety of current content, which I already write about and love, such as Fashion, style, lifestyle, however I’m also going to be venturing into a bit of D.I.Y and beauty, during the month as well. There’s going to summer style inspiration, festival hair, makeup and outfit ideas, summer D.I.Y’s and I’ll also be sharing some pictures from my own summer holiday’s too.

I’m really excited to be trying something new with this series, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will love creating the content for you.

Rachel x


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