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Dressing for a really hot summer’s day is something that the majority of British people find difficult, because we don’t ever have to get used to dressing for extremely hot weather or have much practice in the art of chic high-summer style. However, it’s even more difficult when you’re having to decide what to wear when you’ve got a work dress code limiting your choices. So, after hearing about this post idea from the lovely people at Tommy John, I’m now bringing you 4 summer layering looks and a few tips along the way, to nailing summer workwear.

As I mentioned previously, this post is inspired by Tommy John, the men’s underwear company, and so I’m going to be sharing 2 women’s looks today and also changing it up a bit, by sharing a men’s look as well. However, let’s start with the women’s summer style looks and my 4 tips on how to truly nail it…

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The first of my 4 summer style looks is this one on the left, which has this gorgeous, blush pink jumpsuit at the heart of the look. To help you make sure that you are prepared for all temperature’s, throughout the day ahead, I’ve paired it with this white turtle neck from MissGuided. This type of layering is one of my favourite’s, due to the fact that it can instantly completley transform an outfit, it can make it look more chic and sophisticated, and you’re also able to quickly whip it off, when you get too hot, if you need to. Layering really is the key to chic summer style, and so I’ve also finished the look off with this cream sleeve-less waist coat from New Look. It add’s an extra dimension to an outfit, a 3rd layer to the look and can again also be taken off really easily. However, the sleeve-less style will hopefully keep your arms cool, as well as super stylish.

The second women’s look comes in the form of this shirt dress from ASOS, which has been paired with two more perfect summer style pieces; a floral scarf and open toed/open heeled shoes. The style of this dress, in itself, makes it really cool to wear, as it’s extremely floaty and is made of a cotton blend, however by adding a floral scarf it creates a second layer to the outfit. The scarf allows you to always be able to take off a layer if you need to, and add warmth around your neck area, whilst allowing the rest of your body to stay super cool. The addition of the open toed shoes, which are also open backed allow your feet to look chic and sophisticated, with a slight heel, but they allow your feet to breathe during your day at work.

So as we’ve now covered all the women’s style looks, let’s talk menswear. I actually work in menswear retail, and so I like to think that I know a little bit about men’s style and the best way’s to layer up. However it’s safe to say that the men, in our lives, have a lot less options for smart, summer style than women will ever have.

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For men there is just not the amount of options that women have, such as jumpsuit’s playsuits and dresses, therefore you have to be a lot smarter about which pieces you choose when dressing for a summer day at work. So, to kick off my menswear look I’ve chosen this stone bomber Jacket from Topman, which is really the key to the layering in this outfit. This bomber is super lightweight and allows you to be able to have a jacket which can interchange with multiple outfits, as well something you are quickly able to take off and carry if you need to. Bomber’s are also bang on trend, at the moment, and so with this look you will also be hailing those current menswear trends. My second style tip for men’s smart summer style is to think all about short sleeve shirts, these will be the key to still looking really smart but also extremely cool. They can be found in all manner of different patterns and styles, however I’ve chosen this one from River Island because it’s slim fit and also monochrome, so it will go with all manner of outfits and black and white always look chic and professional.

The key to smart summer style really is all about layering and just making smart decisions about the fabric and the style of the items, you choose to wear. Cotton is a great material to choose, because it’s lightweight and also super comfortable. As items which are not as tight fitting, allow you to breathe and stay cool, during the day. If you loved this post and would like to see the first part of the workwear edit series, you can and have a read of it HERE.

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