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Pretty stationary is something I just really can’t get enough of. I love how having stationary that looks super appealing can somehow fill you with motivation and drive to want to succeed and be productive. I’m sure it’s more of a physiological thing, because you feel more driven when you know that you are able to use something you enjoy looking at and writing in. However, I’m definitely a convert because this method 100% works for me and makes some of my A-Level work just that little bit less dull and boring.

Personally, pretty stationary is a must when you’re starting a new venture/ project or a new beginning, because I know it’s bound to encourage me to pick up my pen and get to work. Although having this gorgeous stationary does not always come so affordably, thanks to the likes of Paperchase. However, when I went on a strictly swimwear buying trip to Tesco, I accidently managed to also pick up some absolutely gorgeous stationary pieces as well. These summer floral patterns drew me in straight away and the fact that I needed a few new bits for college, gave me the perfect excuse.

This large floral ring binder offers me the perfect place to store the mass of work and paper that I’m going to collect over my second year of A-Level Theology, and I’m sure that being able to carry this round, will make even the boring lesson’s a lot more manageable. It was only £3.50, which is not only a pretty alternative but also a cheaper alternative to the more expensive large ring binders on the market. To match my folder, I’ve also chosen this A4 refill pad, which even has pink/coral writing lines, instead of black, and a plastic zip sealed document folder, to keep all those loose sheets and homework, in some kind of order. Both of these were also super reasonable at £2.50 and £1.50/£2.

Do you like pretty stationary too?

Rachel x


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