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Shopping is usually one of my favourite to things to do, however when it comes to shopping for swimwear, it’s a completely different matter. I’m just so picky, like I am about many things in my life, in what swimwear styles and designs I like and which ones I personally think suit my body shape. So, this makes finding a swimwear piece super difficult, and a task that I’ve started to dread as every summer comes around.

After trawling all of the high-street in my local town, and finding absolutely nothing which wasn’t too skimpy, too revealing, just down right ugly, or didn’t come with a potential warning of some private part becoming exposed; it seemed like I was never going to find any additional swimwear pieces this summer. However, after a recommendation, from two of my best friends, to go and have a look at F&F at Tesco, I thought I would go and see what they had to offer; as let’s face it, I didn’t have anything to loose…So, let’s fast forward to today, when the trip to Tesco is complete and I have successfully managed to pick up 3 new swimwear pieces, which I love and that fit perfectly. I was honestly super impressed with the range of swimwear, they had to offer, and the fact that they had really thought about the true sizes of women’s bodies, when creating their range. If you’re having a similar problem to me with swimwear, and are finding that there’s just nothing quite right or they’re just too revealing, then I really recommend going and having a look at their selection. Bikini’s, cover up’s and even lovely, full piece swimming costumes; there’s something for every taste and style.


As I said previously, I picked up 3 new pieces of swimwear from F&F at Tesco and I have also featured this white lace bikini, from New Look, in the picture above. This is due to the fact that I still love this bikini and will be wearing it again this year as well, so I thought it was opt to include it in this summer swimwear post. However, I have already raved a lot about how much I love this bikini; it’s quality, style/design and mostly importantly it’s fit. You can go and read all about this swimwear piece over in my 4 Must-Have Summer Style Items Post.

When it comes to bikini’s I am really fussy about the pieces that I choose, due to the fact that I: a. don’t have very big boobs and not all bikini’s flatter that, b. halter necks don’t really suit me and I much prefer a bra strap style, c. I’m looking for pieces which are a bit less revealing and water slide appropriate. So, these two bikini’s from F&F are the ones that I’ve found, which cover all of my wants and needs. Firstly, this green and pink, sparkly bikini is a piece a just really love as a whole. Both the top and the bottom’s fit really well, to my body shape, the pants are not too skimpy around the bum and the top fits nicely and has my desired bra strap style fastening. This is more of a balcony style bikini top, so it’s more structured and also gives better support and shape with slight under wiring and padding. Altogether the whole bikini is around £16, however you can buy the two pieces separately; the top for £10 and the bottoms for £6; making it a real bargain compared to some of the other bikini’s I’ve tried on. Also, there is this floral, more bra style and Triangl inspired bikini. This is a piece which I loved as soon as I set my eyes on it and I was really hoping it would fit; which it did. This bikini is super feminine, young and fun, as well as also covering your vital parts and being centerparcs appropriate. What I really love about this bikini is how much it’s been inspired by the Triangl style bikini’s, If you have no idea what I mean, then you can go and have a quick look HERE. I’ve always wanted one of their pieces, however they’re well over my budget, and this bikini really seems to me like the floral, high-street alternative. This is again also around £16 and can be bought together, as one set, or as separate pieces to mix and match.

Finally, there is this gorgeous, floral, one piece swimming costume. Although I do love a good bikini and think they’re great for lying around the pool or at a pool party, I think there’s always room for a one piece in your collection as well. Recently there has been a bit of a boom when it comes to one piece swimwear, and many more companies are again branching out into making them look new, fresh and also feminine, and Tesco have done just that. This multi-coloured piece is the perfect example of this, due to the fact that it covers all your private parts and is effectively a one piece, however it has a low cut back and a slight cleavage slit; adding an more mature and sexy edge to the one piece. This is again £16 , which is really reasonable considering I tried one on, of a similar style, in Debenhams which was £48/£49.

Overall I really love all my new pieces from the F&F collection and I can’t actually believe I managed to find some lovely swimwear pieces, which I love, and that solve my pickiness.

Rachel x


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