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Over the last few years, since I’ve been blogging and especially since I’ve been really interested in YouTube, makeup has become another passion of mine and something that I actually really enjoy. I’m always on the quest for my perfect products, which I won’t be able to live without, and trying to find the best products to suit my skin type and to reflect what beauty trends I’m loving at the moment. So, today I thought I would talk about 3 lip products, which I just can’t get enough of, and that ooze my current makeup vibe.

A nude lip has to be one of my trade mark makeup looks at the moment. I really love the whole Kylie Jenner nude lip trend, and have also taken a lot of inspiration from some of my favourite beauty vloggers, and have truly become addicted to a good nude lip. They look so effortlessly chic, stylish and elegant, and the best thing about them is that they go with any outfit and are completely food safe; meaning there’s no danger of them spreading all around your mouth.

So to start off the proceeding’s, I’m going to talk about the only traditional lipstick of the bunch, and this is the gorgeous one from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s collection for M&S. It’s in the shade ‘Lady Rose’ and is a lovely shade of semi-dark nude, which has been mixed with a bit of pink, to brighten up the whole look. It has an almost crème sheen finish and always looks amazing on the lips, regardless of whatever makeup look or outfit you have gone for. I’ve already raved on and on about this product, in a previous post, so you should go and have a read of that HERE; to get the full lowdown on this product.

Then, next has to be the two matte products; a finish which I’m really loving at the moment. However, this one from Mac, in the shade ‘Kinda Sexy’, is still in the traditional lipstick form, and is a really creamy nude combined with a splash of coral, to create the perfect, slightly more sophisticated lip. As it’s a mac lipstick, the quality of the product and it’s staying power, is excellent, and I especially love how all of the Mac’s lipstick’s have a gorgeous almost high end chocolate scent to them, as well. All mac lipsticks are now £15, however you can’t beat their quality, shade range and longeveity. They truly are right in the middle of budget and high-end makeup, and provide a perfect price point for those people who dream of luxury products, but want to have better quality, and are willing to spend more compared to products from the high-street.

Finally, there has to be the newest addition to my collection and my favourite product of the bunch; it’s the ultra HD matte lip colour from Revlon. It doesn’t actually have a shade name, however it’s the only light nude which was on sale in Boots, so if you’re looking to buy this product you can go and find it HERE. The finish of this lipstick is so pretty and is not at all drying or slightly crusty as it’s dries on your lips. However, it doesn’t  last that long whilst you are eating, and doesn’t  always have the longevity of the other lip products. They retail at around £6.00, and offer a fairly good quality nude considering the price point. What I love about this product is how it creates a really natural ‘your lip’s but better’ look, and will compliment any makeup look or outfit. It’s just a really good all round lip product, that’s perfect for your handbag.

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