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Every season, whether that’s spring/summer or autumn/winter, I always have multiple season appropriate pieces to wear. These may be items that I’ve collected over the years and still love, however they’re often items I’ve picked up during the season; as my style is constantly evolving and trends are always altering. But, even though I have various items which I can wear, I always find myself repeatedly going back to those few items, which I just can’t get enough of. They’re usually super diverse pieces, which can be worn with any outfit and that I just love to death.

Nude Faux Suede Jacket | New Look

This jacket has to be the piece I have worn the most since it first joined my wardrobe, a few months ago. It has literally solved all my issues of not having any type of summer jacket, except my black leather one, and not particularly being able to find any chic cardigans that I like. It’s so versatile and can be worn casually with a summer dress and boots, or it can be dressed up with a chic patterned shirt and leather trousers; the possibilities with this jacket are endless. I love the colour of this jacket, and how it’s a neutral shade but still compliments my skin tone, the material of the jacket and how it really adds a different texture and is bang on trend at the moment. Also, the jacket is super light weight and allows you to be protected from the sun, but also stay warm on those slightly cooler days. This jacket was £25.99 from New Look, and with my student discount it worked out at just over £20; making it a really great wardrobe investment and a piece I literally wear everyday.

Tan Sandals | Clark’s

These sandals are literally the perfect summer shoe. I’ve been looking for the perfect summer sandal for a such a long time now, and when I found these brown leather one’s from Clark’s, I knew I had to purchase them. For a start they’re literally so comfortable, due to them being made of leather, and they allow you to walk for hours without your feat aching or getting too hot. What I love most of all, about these sandals, is just how they look and the fact that they have a really bohemian vibe and work amazingly with a flower crown and a floaty dress. They’re so versatile, and can literally be worn with anything; making them the perfect summer sandal, which hopefully I will be able to keep for many more years to come. They were around £45.00, in the Clark’s outlet store at Biscester outlet village, however they would have originally been around £65.00. However, they were really worth the investment, because leather is the way to go. It does not make you sweat, it’s super comfortable and will also wear really well over time.

Lace Black Camisole | New Look

This style of camisole is something that I’ve had my eye on for a while now. One of my favourite bloggers, Lydia Elise Millen, often wears a lace camisole really similar to this, and I love how she makes it look so chic and sophisticated, but also casual and effortless. So, when I saw this one in New Look for £15.99, I knew I had to purchase it straight away. After a quick try on in the changing room, to make sure it was looking okay and all my lady parts were covered, I instantly knew that this was going to be a piece I would fall in love with. The lace adds a sense of feminity, whilst the camisole style provides you with a top that can pair with any outfit: jeans, shorts or a skirt; which is super comfortable but also extremely cool on those hot summer days.

Light Blue Jeans | Zara

What ever season it is, denim is always bang on trend and an essential item within your seasonal wardrobe. Personally, I find that whatever season it is, jeans always have a place in my wardrobe and are a go-to item that I can pair and create into any outfit. These one’s from Zara have to be one of my favourite pairs, for spring/summer. They’re really comfortable, due to the stretchy lycra and denim mixed material that they’re made out of, they have a great fit and are also a lovely shade of blue, which is perfect for a summer jean and to pair with lighter summer shades. They were around £20, which I personally think is brilliant considering the quality of them and also the fit; they wash beautifully and are a true bargain, for any clothes lover.

Blush Faux Leather Skirt | New Look

This skirt is not only one of my favourite items at the moment, but also one that was a true bargain. This faux leather blush skirt oozes everything about my current style, in one item. I really love faux leather, and the fact of how the different material is able to bring a completely new edge to an outfit and change up your style. The blush colour is so beautiful, and adds the perfect chic, sophisticated, but also girly and flirty vibe to my wardrobe.  I’m really loving skirts at the moment, and over the last 6 months they have become an item I often reach for. The A-line style of this skirt is so flatering on my body shape, and I love to use a casual slogan tee-shirt to really casual down this item. It was around £16.00 in New Look and an absolute bargain for the quality, price and ultimately the fit; as usually New Look skirts do not work for me at all.

Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses | River Island

Every girl knows that you can’t survive summer without the ultimate pair/s of sunglasses. I’m sure you all agree that summer is not complete without a pair of sunglass that can be worn whenever and with whatever, to create a sexy undercover superstar effect. This pair of tortoise shell cat eye style sunglasses from River Island, are my ultimate pair of sunglasses. They suit my face shape so well and provide a pair of sunglasses which are sophisticated and really super chic, but that will always work whenever I need them too and are a pair I will keep for years and years to come. River Island sunglasses have to my favourite for shape and quality; due to the fact of the design of their cat eye and the patterns they choose for the frames.


Rachel x


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