The Struggles Of Becoming An Adult

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As I now have just under 5 months of childhood left, until I become a legal 18 year old adult, I thought it was about time that I talked about a few of the struggle’s, which I’ve faced, on the road to adulthood. All of sudden, as you hit 16/17, you go from having almost no adult responsibilities or struggles, to having a more than your fair share. So, I thought I would share a few of mine with you all today.


Education has to be one of the biggest struggles, for any 16/17 year old, due to the fact that it’s such a massive part of your life and something that you’re coming to the end of. Personally, I decided that at the end of my GCSE’s I was going to continue on in education and do A-Levels; and this was potentially the best and also the worst choice I’ve made in my life so far. The main struggles I’ve faced with education have been multiplied a lot since I actually started A-Levels, due to the fact that they’re a lot harder than GCSE’s and I also had to get used to a brand new Sixth Form environment, at a new school. However, one of the main struggles is actually deciding what you want to do after GCSE’s, where you want to go and which route is the best for you. I personally found this one of the hardest elements, as you’re still young and have to make a massive decision, which affects your career for the rest of your life.

So, if you’re currently having any of these struggles then the number one thing I suggest is to give it time, no decision in life or adjustment to change, can happen quickly and all at once. It will take your body time to adjust and get to a place, where you feel comfortable with a situation. If A-levels are the biggest stress in your life right now, then I can give you some comfort by reassuring you that every one else feels the same too, you’re not the only one. Even though they are really hard work, try to stay really organised and on top of your work, work hard and stay positive, always ask for help if you need it, and it will all be worth it in the end. If you’re struggling about which path to take, look around at different options and get proper advice, about the industry you want to go into,  from a careers advisor.


If you’ve been a reader of rachelspick for a while, then you will all know that I have a small part time retail job, along with also doing my A-levels. Although there is sometimes a serious struggle trying to manage both of those things, having a job still has to be an amazing thing. It gives you an amazing amount of freedom, your own money, and loads of experience; however when it’s Christmas and we all have to work a huge amount of hours, and mocks are coming up in January, the struggle is truly real. But, even though I do have struggles, I know i’m one of the lucky ones who has been able to get a good part time job, as a few of my friends have really struggled to find jobs and be asked for an interview. It’s just so hard nowadays, as there is so many young people looking for a job, along side being able to study, and competition is so fierce for sought after jobs.

So, if your struggling with having to juggle work, study and having a social life, then I suggest you plan and organise your time really well; making sure that you have time to do everything you need to do. I personally don’t like either thing, work and especially not school, to have to suffer, and therefore I need to make sure that I plan out and have everything done. Use your free’s and even lunch breaks, at work, to revise or finish off a bit of homework. If you’re struggling to get a job, then first make sure you’ve got a great CV, that has all your achievements on. Also, if you’re handing a CV in, to apply for a job, try to speak to the manager themselves, and be confident, as this will make a lasing impression on them.

Adult Things

I think the true struggles lie in having to start doing ‘adult things’. These include having to look at your bank statements and making sure that everything which has been written down, is what you’ve actually spent, planning out your money and counting down until the next pay cheque, so you can buy that new dress or go out with your friends for a meal. Another huge ‘adult thing’, is learning to drive, and not only how scary it is to literally have a whole car in your hands, but also how much lessons cost each. I feel like I shouldn’t even be allowed on the road, let alone pass and be able to drive alone. The struggle of having to start doing ‘adult things’ really is real, and especially when you’re having to wing it a bit, because you’re not a proper adult yet and are doing these things for the first time.

One thing that really get’s me confused, and something which we don’t get taught at school, is all about credit, opening a bank account and really anything to do with money. However, when I was introduced to Credit Card Insider and saw their Youtube channel, which is full of tips and tricks on how to get you through those difficult ‘adult things’, some of my questions started to get answered. Obviously, I’m not at the point of being able to get a credit card or gain credit, however I will have to one day, and I think it’s important to kind of understand it. I suggest you go and have a watch of their channel HERE, because there’s some brilliant videos to help you along your journey, of becoming an adult.

Rachel x

This post was in collaboration with Credit Card Insider.


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  1. June
    22nd June 2016 / 6:41 PM

    Sounds to me you have it all sorted, good luck in whatever you decide to do, just remember we all make mistakes it’s a part of life, Smile, hold head high, look & come across confident, mind you l think that’s what you are already doing, Good Luck, x

    • rachelydia
      23rd July 2016 / 3:38 PM

      Thanks June, I’m trying my best and just going with the flow with life a bit more. I always remember that everything happens for a reason and try to learn from my mistakes and experiences. 😘 xxx