New Blogging Schedule

New Blogging Schedule

As we, as a little rachelspick community, now have a new lovely blog up and running, I thought I would change things up a little bit and create a new and more structured blogging schedule. I’ve made quite a few posts like this over the last few years, and I’ve got to honestly say that I’ve never managed to stick to any of them for more than a few weeks. So as this is my fresh attempt, in my ‘new blogging chapter’, as I’m now calling it, I’m determined to stick to this schedule and to be able to make regular and interesting content for you all.

At the minute, as this site is brand new, I don’t yet have any proper figures or stats to base my blog schedule on exactly; however, after experimenting with various different days in the past, I’m hoping this one will be a bit more successful. So, I’m currently only going to commit to having at least 2 posts up a week, one on a Wednesday and one on a Sunday. All posts will be live at 6PM, at the minute. To be honest, I’m not sure how effective this proposed schedule is going to be, but this is my starting point and I’m hoping that over the next few months I’ll work out what’s best for me and for all of you too.

It would be great to have any of your opinions, suggestions or just your feedback on the new blogging schedule, and new content. I’m just starting to find my way, and there is still a few technical design issues which will get sorted out over the next couple of weeks. I really want to make this blog amazing for all of us, a place that I can love again and truly share my inspirations and passions; and a place for you all to enjoy and feel inspired by my content. So, I hope you like it and look forward to lots of organised and scheduled content, haha.

Rachel x

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