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Over the 4 years since I’ve been blogging, I’ve always dreamed of having a blog design that looks super chic and professional and also to one day be able to have my own domain name. I never thought it would ever come true, or not until I invested a lot of money and time into my blog. However, I’m so excited to announce that both of these little blogging ambitions, of mine, have come true and I’m finally able to proudly showcase my stunning blog design and my own official domain name. As I’ve really enjoyed this journey, from my old blog, to my new theme from pipdig and my own domain name; I thought I would share the process with you all and exactly what I had to, in order to get where I am today.

The Domain Name

Originally my blog was run through, because this is the completely free way of being able to start your first blog and run it for a good few years. However, over time I started to realise that it limited what I could do with the design of my blog a lot, and that some of the elements, which I admired from other people’s blogs, were just not possible with mine. Therefore, after discovering the lovely people at pipdig, from one of my favourite bloggers Lydia Elise Millen, I realised that I needed to upgrade my WordPress account. By doing this I would be able to have a lot more control over the design of my blog, have more media storage and also get a free domain name thrown in.

The upgrade’s are all hosted by Siteground, and they allow you to upgrade your account for a fixed amount each month, in my case it was a special discount of around £2.79 a month, and £33 for the year. As long as you continue to pay your yearly fee, you will always get the domain name as well. So really I got two things, that I wanted to do with my blog, thrown into one, and I would really recommend doing it this way as it’s a lot easier than doing both elements separately, with different companies.

The Theme

The design/theme of my blog has always been something that I’ve constantly wanted to keep improving and creating a more chic and sophisticated look. However, as I mentioned before, the free themes that wordpress provided limited my abilities a lot, and it started to make me feel really uninspired by how my blog was looking. Even though I’ve only just changed my theme, on my original blog, it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted, or really portrayed me as a person and where I want to go as a blogger.

So, after searching through all of amazing themes that pipdig have created, for WordPress, I finally settled on Venture. This is a magazine style theme, and would enable me to do a lot with the layout of my blog, whilst keep the design fairly chic and simple; letting the photography add the interest and colour to the theme. It is one of the more expensive themes, at £49 to buy, however this is all because of all the different elements that are included into it, such as a top post slider, recent post slider, a link to my Pinterest account and a few other unique features. If I was going to consider whether this theme has been value for money, then I would say it has been 100%. It’s a lot more complex than the other themes, and is a little more unique than the traditional blog layout and theme, which I love. Also, as I had to pay for my theme and my WordPress account update, pipdig did all the migration from my old to my new blog, and I really haven’t had to do that much; I’ve just had to tweak the design to how I want it to look.

Quick Steps: New Blog Theme & Domain Name

  1. Visit the pipdig website, HERE, and look through all of the themes that are currently available for your host website. Once you have chosen one your love, add to your basket and pay for it.
  2. If your host website is WordPress, you will then have to upgrade your wordpress account/migrate it. All of the information is written, HERE.

  3. You will then have to purchase a hosting package from Siteground, I chose the cheapest and most simple one, as I don’t run a business and I just didn’t think I needed that much of an upgrade. This pays for pipdig’s time and pure effort to get your migration complete. In this part, you can also choose your new domain name, which you will get included in the price you pay.

  4. Then insert all your details into the contact form, HERE, so that pipdig can effectively upgrade your account and ensure that your blog is all up and running.
  5. Wait around 5 days for the upgrade from your old to your new blog, however it may depend on how complex your migration is and how much media you have to export from your old to your new blog. However, just be patient as I can guarantee that the people at pipdig are doing their best to get it completed, and will email you with all the details to keep you updated on your blog/site.


Overall, my experience with both pipdig and Siteground has been really positive so far. Siteground have run everything really smoothly and made it a lot easier for the people at pipdig to upgrade my account. However, the true stars have been pipdig throughout all of this. They create gorgeous themes, which are super easy and affordable to buy, they explain everything you could need to know and make the process simple, and also are always there, throughout the process, for you to be able to email and get advice and help with your blog. I would 100% recommend doing it this way, as it’s so easy and you are able to get the results you want, by letting the experts do all the work.


Rachel x


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