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Exam season is a time which happens, at least once, in all of our lives, and for the majority of us get the pleasure of experiencing it even more than once. So, it’s something which is really relevant in a lot of lives, whether we’re right in the middle of it now or can remember it like it was yesterday, we can all that it’s not the greatest time of our lives. Therefore, I’m going to share with you some of my tricks and tips, on just how to survive this time of year.


01: Burst of revision / this is the best way to keep on top of all the revision you have to do, as well as making sure that you remember everything. If you have bursts of revision, for different topics, then it keeps your brain super active, stop you losing concentration and also leaves time for relaxing.


02: Create an ending time for your revision / you aren’t going to be productive or gain anything from revising late at night, especially when you can barley keep your eyes open and just want to go to bed. So create an ending time for your revision, put your revision out of sight and try not to think about it until morning.


03: Have a dedicated space just for revision / if you have a set space for revision then you can associate being in there with being focused and also calm. By doing this, you will be able to do helpful and also calm revision during the day, and close the door and shut it away when you’re finished.


04: Don’t spend all your time revising / whilst your revising ,you also need to do other things as well. You won’t be able to do focused and helpful revision by doing it constantly, so have time to do things you enjoy and that help you relax. This could be to have a bath, go shopping or just watch a film or the TV.


05: Have lot’s of snacks / make sure you have lot’s of snacks to keep you occupied and alert whilst your revising. This way you will never feel hungry and will always have a treat if an exam didn’t quite go to plan.

06: Don’t talk about what your answers where in an exam/ trust me that if you do you will worry yourself sick forever. There will always be something that someone else wrote that you didn’t, and you don’t want to be worried about it until results day. So, just avoid the conversation all together and you will have one less thing to be stressed about.


I hope some of these tricks and tips will help during this exam season, and remember to stay calm and be brilliant during whatever exam you may have.


Rachel x


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