2016 Spring Clothing Edit


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Personally, I find the transition from winter to spring really hard clothes wise. As the weather is still all over the place and it can be the most sunny day outside but still freezing in the UK, it’s really hard to find the perfect season and weather appropriate outfit. Even though it still might be a bit chilly, I still want to have an outfit that’s channelling more of those spring and summer trends; which isn’t always that easy. Therefore, in this slightly new and improved version of the clothing edit seasonal series, I’m sharing with you 5 trends that will help you with this weird transition; considering this seasons trends and the current weather situation.

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber trend has to be one of the hottest ones out there for spring/ summer 2016. This is due to how versatile and season appropriate this style of jacket can be. They’re so easy to throw on in the spring, with any outfit, in order to add a bit of edge and glamour, but can also add that much needed extra layer of warmth for those colder spring days. I love a good floral bomber, as they can instantly add a different dimension to a plain, casual outfit and they can also be dressed up and look extremely chic. If you’re looking for one item to invest in this spring, the bomber jacket would 100% be my recommendation every time, as you will truly get your wear out it and be able to pair it with so many different outfits.

Statement Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses are always popular for the spring and summer, however this year they’re getting bigger and bolder than ever! It’s no longer about the plain black ray bands that just protect your eyes from the sun, it’s now time for the quirky shaped sunglasses that are in a variety of bold colours and patterns, that allow the eyewear to do all the talking. Once you would have chosen your eyewear around your outfit, but for spring/summer 16 it’s all about doing the exact opposite. My favourite style to wear are slightly cat eye shaped and in a variety of muted leopard print tones. The key to rocking this trend is really pinning down the style that suits you, and then you can go wild with the sunglasses that you choose.


Denim is one of those timeless trends and something which is always popular, however this year denim is at it’s peak once again. It’s all about the variety of denim pieces that are on offer and how you can even mix and match them to create a modern, double denim look. The key denim colours for the upcoming season have to be white, especially in jeans, a light blue, and even black; as this literally goes with everything. The key to this trend is finding a really good fit for your body shape and items which are good quality and will last a long time. For example I always buy New Look black jeans, because their colour never fades or becomes grey.

The Cropped Knit

This isn’t a trend that I’m personally rocking at the minute, just because I’m so tall and anything that is designed to be cropped is really short on my lanky body. However, this is a trend that I love on other people and something that I think is the perfect transition trend. It really is the best of both worlds, the thick knit jumper of the winter, and the cropped cut of the summer, perfect to wear with a variety of pieces throughout spring. The best colours to invest in would be in a cream or muted shade as then you will be able to pair it with a so many colours, patterns and cuts.

The Minimal Clutch

This is probably one of the newest trends to hit spring/summer 16, because up until know handbags have been extremely statement pieces and something that have been able to dominate a plain outfit. However, they’re now being stripped back to their basics and some are including a simple gold or silver circle over a plain main material. These look effortlessly chic and glamorous and would be perfect paired with a LBD and some strappy sandals, for a night out, or a nice fitted white shirt and blazer for a more chic everyday look.

Which trend are you loving for Spring/Summer 16?

Rachel x


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