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As it’s now the third month into 2016 and there’s a few new things to talk to you about, I thought it was about time that I did an update post and brought you all up to date on everything blog related.


Firstly, I want to talk about my brand new theme and design on here. I’ve been wanting and planning to do a re-design for a really long time, and have been deliberating for hours over what the best theme would be and just what I really wanted my blog to look like going forward. However, after one long afternoon of editing my design, I finally decided on this. As I said over on my Facebook Page, which you go and ‘like’ HERE, my other blog design/theme really grew up with me as a blogger and had been through my whole 3 and half years blogging journey so far. But, I started to really fall out of love with it and felt that it just didn’t represent me anymore, or the blogger that I wanted to become. So I decided on something that was much more simple, chic, sophisticated and that portrays the blogger that I want to become over the new couple of years. Along with that, I wanted to introduce an up to date blogging schedule, so that you will all know when new content is coming and have something to look forward to. So it goes like this, the weekly quote will get updated every Monday at 6PM and a small post will go along side of that over on my Facebook page, at 7Pm on that same evening a new blog post will be published; and then there may also be another random surprise blog post on another day, at 7PM, during that same week. If you want to keep update to date with exactly when I post, then hit the ‘follow’ button in the sidebar on the right hand side.


The second thing that I want to talk to you about is exams. As you all know I’m a student, as I’m sure many of you are too, and that means that at some point in the school/college year you will have to revise and take exams. However, revision takes up a lot of time and can really dominate your life over the exam season and the couple of months before that. Therefore, I just wanted to let you know that although I want to stick to my blog schedule, that’s why I’ve decieded to create one, and I’m planning to stick to my blog, as I’m feeling really inspired by it at the moment, revision will sometimes have to come first. I might not always have a blog post up at exactly 7PM, or might only post once in a week, but please understand that I will be revising and this blog will have to come second to that. My exams will take full priority and my full attention, this blog will sadly be a side issue for the next few months. But, hopefully there will still always be content, old and some new for you to read, and you can keep up to date with me on all social media platforms too, such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


I hope you all love the new blog design as I much as do, and understand about the exam and revision issue, over the next few months.


Rachel x


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  1. g_smith.1953
    17th March 2016 / 9:41 AM

    Hi Rachel You are wonderful. So keep up your good blog. As you say revision comes first but enjoying life is a must too.  I know you will learn to balance revision, college, your blog, your work and your life to the full. Very proud of you. Love and hugs fromGlenis xxxxx

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