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As it’s now officially spring, and we’re beginning to see glimmers of it in the weather and by the fact we’re having much lighter mornings and evenings, I thought it was about time that I talked about all things Spring, over on here. Obviously when you’re a fashion blogger the change in season is a really important time, as it gives you the opportunity to talk about new trends, style and clothing for the season ahead. However, I thought that today, in order to kick off my spring 2016 blog posts, I would talk about beauty and share some of the most popular s/s 16 trends with you all.


When it comes to beauty trends, for the current spring and upcoming summer, they’re all a bit back to front and not really what you would normally expect. There’s always the traditional super highlighted look, with a peachy orange blusher and a that bronzy glow. However, this year there’s been a few curve balls added in, as blue eye makeup is well and truly back in fashion, hello 10 years ago, and the dark berry tones of purple and red, are hitting the catwalk too. They may seem a bit crazy, but if you use them as a guide and interpret them in your own way, then you’ll be bang on trend, as well as feeling super comfortable with your makeup look.


Blue, Blue and Blue

As you’ve probably already guessed, blue is a massive trend for spring/summer 2016. It was really popular on the catwalk, as many models were sporting bright, deep blue’s on their eyes, and it wasn’t in any way subtle. This year it’s all about really embracing that blue eye shadow and making it really standout. Say goodbye to the baby blue’s, and hello to the brighter and bolder tones. However, if you’re looking to wear this trend on an everyday basis, then maybe just try a blue eyeliner flick or a bit of blue eyeliner pencil in the waterline. A coat of blue mascara would also do the trick nicely as well. I don’t know whether I’m brave enough to pull off this trend, but it’s not a trend that everyone can pull off.


Red and Berry toned lips

When it comes to lips this s/s 16, it’s no longer about that subtle peach or pink, it’s now time to bring back your red and berry tones. Again, this was a massive trend on the catwalk, as designers went for a statement lip in tones of purple, red and burgundy. This is a trend that I really love, I’m just not sure whether it will feel right wearing it in the summer.


Graphic Eyeliner

If you’re a fan of eyeliner and love to make makeup a form of art, then this graphic liner trend is definitely for you. It takes the traditional winged eye liner experts out of their comfort zones, as they experiment with eyeliner underneath the eye, in the crease of the eye lid, and to create facial art. It’s another bold trend, however it would be amazing to wear to a festival or at concert, during the summer months.


Big Doll-Like Eyelashes

I’ve always been a massive fan of mascara, because I have the smallest and shortest eyelashes in the world. So when I knew that big, bold, doll-like eyelashes were coming back for s/s 16, I knew this trend would be right up my street. It’s all about the big eyelashes, packed full of lengthening mascara, on both the top and bottom lashes, for that big eye and big lashes look.


What do you think of s/s 2016’s beauty trends?

Rachel x


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