International Womens Day



Usually I never take any interest when it comes to all the different designated days of the year, however when I discovered that today was International Women’s Day, I decided to take an interest in them. Regardless of what day of the year it is, equality for women is a really big issue at the moment and a battle which is constantly being fought. We’re the lucky ones, who have the ability to go to school or work, have a right to education and free will. There’s thousands of women out there who don’t get the ability to do any of that. They’re in no way an equal or are able to gain the chances that the stereotypical stronger male receives. Many women across the world get regularly raped, forced into marriage and are trapped by the traditional role of being a Mother; not getting the chance to have an education, a career, or be more than just a stereotypical woman.


This day could easily be linked to feminism and the false view that it’s simply to empower women and down grade men. If I am asked ‘Are you a feminist?’ then I would  say ‘Yes I am!, because I believe in the equality between men and women; the ability  for each gender to work as one and to ultimately to be treated that way. International Women’s Day, especially this year, is about making everyone across the world aware, not just women, that there’s still inequality and seriously unacceptable situations going on for women across the world. Today is about fighting for the right for women to get paid equally to men, especially when they’re doing exactly the same job as them,  and in third world countries to freely be able to choose who they want to marry. For young girls to be able to gain an education and not get held down by getting married or becoming a mother, not to be getting used as a sexual object for constant male pleasure, and to understand that together we can fight these problems, empower each other and men and women can work as one unit.


When it comes to International Women’s day, it’s not only made me truly realise about the problems women face across the world, but also about the truly amazing women that are in my life and who empower me everyday. To start off I want to talk about my family, they’re the true rocks in my life and have been there though thick and thin. My mum is my true hero, and I admire her so much for her determination, bravery and her constant loving nature. Then there’s all the other members of my family, my aunties, my grandmothers and my cousin’s girlfriend. I admire their pure strength, their success at both work and the ability to also run a home, and their ability to love their families unconditionally without any doubt. These are only some of their amazing qualities, but ones that I want to adopt as I grow older and become a mother myself. Then there’s my friends, for who I’m constantly inspired by as together we create mazing memories, laugh and cry, celebrate and enjoy. I admire all your beauty, style and loving hearts, as without all my friends I would not be becoming the woman I am today.


International Women’s day is truly important for everyone across the world, disregarding your age, gender or race, for together we can fight inequality for women and to free the women in third world countries from their harsh restrictions and realities. What I’ve learnt from this is that we should be truly grateful as women who have many abilities and have access to numerous opportunities, and that we should never forget how lucky we are.


If you want discover more, this video is super inspiring and really sums it up for me


Rachel x


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