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When it comes to some of my favourite items in my wardrobe, the bomber jacket has to be a strong contender. They’re perfectly chic and sophisticated, in bright prints, patterns and florals, but also effortlessly casual and are really comfortable. The bomber jacket really is the ultimate piece for versatility.


You may think that there is only one type of bomber jacket and that it can only be worn in a casual, everyday way. However there is many different types of bomber jacket, to suit everyone, every taste and also every type of weather. In my wardrobe, I own three bomber jackets (see the pictures above) and they’re all really different. If you take the one on the left;  a navy, highly embroidered bomber Jacket by Cath Kidston. This is the most casual out of all of the bomber jackets and looks amazing really paired down with jeans and a white tee-shirt. The detail of the floral embroidery, all over the jacket, adds more intricate detail to an outfit and makes the bomber jacket a lot more feminine and girly.


Then there’s the second jacket; a cotton, black and brightly floral bomber by a brand called Pimkie. This is actually a lovely French clothing brand, which is kind of like H&M and New Look have made a baby. They have some gorgeous pieces and every time I go to France I can’t resist going in and having a look in one of their shops.  I love the vibe of their clothes and it’s really unlikely that I will see anyone walking down the high-street , in England, wearing any of their pieces. The way I like to wear this bomber with black jeans, a white, sheer shirt and a pair of pointy flats for work. This really allows the pattern of the bomber to pop, and it looks super chic and put together, and also adds a sense of effortless cool to the proceedings.


The third and final  jacket comes in the form of this wool, black and pastel floral bomber from Ted Baker. My mum actually discovered this little gem hidden in one of the rails in TKMaxx and knew that I would absolutely love it. It’s the perfect take on a winter bomber and is not only really on trend and sophisticated, but also keeps you really warm too. I love to pair it in the traditional way with jeans and a textured white top, or I really want to try out how it would look with a little LBD on a night out.

What I love about bombers is just how versatile they can be and how they can work in so many different ways, with so many different outfits. They look so effortlessly chic, cool and put together, but can also look really casual and perfect for that everyday look. The variety in the patterns, texture’s and colours that you can find a bomber in means that you can never get bored, and will always find one to suit you and your style.


I love you all

Rachel x


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