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If your a regular reader of rachelspick, then you will know that it’s not often that I post about Makeup, due to the fact that I don’t at all consider myself an expert at it or actually know about it in a great amount of detail. However, I do like makeup and I’m always on a constant mission to improve my everyday makeup and finding my must-use and can’t live without, products. So, when I first discovered the L’Oréal infallible range and had collected a few more pieces from the collection, I knew I just had to share my discovery with you all.


My first experience with the L’Oréal Infallible range came from their 24-hour matte foundation. As I have quite oliy skin and suffer from my makeup just disappearing and melting off my face, I need a foundation that has a good amount of longevity and that will just really do the job. I hate it when your makeup looks perfect in the morning when you leave home, and by mid day you look in a mirror and can’t believe how bad your foundation looks. I’m one of those girls who likes to do their makeup at the start of the day and I want it to last all day, whatever I may tackle along the way. So when I saw this foundation advertised I knew I had try it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The colour is lightly too pink toned for me, however it gives an amazing coverage, perfect for the winter when you want a bit more depth to you makeup, and even better for events when you’re having your picture taken. It has an amazing amount of longevity and doesn’t contain any SPF; meaning there’s no horrible, oily flashback in photos.


After how well the infallible foundation went down with my skin, I thought I would try another product from their range in the form of their mattifying base. This is a clear, smooth primer in which you can apply on your skin after moisturising and before applying your makeup. It creates the perfect base for makeup, minimises the appearance and the depth of your pores, and makes you makeup last like no other primer from the high-street. When I ran out of this primer for a while and went back to using my old Rimmel one, I couldn’t believe the difference in the longevity of my makeup and just how badly it applied and stayed on the skin. I think this has to be one of my must-have and can’t live without products, because it truly is perfect for my skin.


Since these two discoveries from the L’Oréal range, and being able to see just how amazingly they worked with my skin and enabled me to create a really good base for the rest of my makeup, I decided to pick up a couple more of their newest products from the range; the makeup fixing mist and the 24-hour matte powder. After only trying them out for the last week or so I have to say that I love the powder. It works in perfect harmony with the foundation and enables you to create a flawless base, that keeps oil at bay, and that lasts a really long time. I know I can trust this combination when I’ve got a big day ahead and I need my makeup to stand up to the test. However, I’m finding the fixing mist a little bit more temperamental, as if you spray to near to your face and do not shake the bottle enough, then you end up with lots of small white dots on your face, that you then have to take time to wipe off. But, when you manage to use it correctly, It keeps your makeup on quite well and enables that little bit of extra coverage; although this rarely happens.


Overall, I love the majority of the products in the L’Oréal Infallible range. They’re long lasting, durable, comfortable to wear on the skin, are good quality and are a reasonable price. They have to be one of the best foundations and face products I’ve ever tried on the high-street, and are quickly becoming my ‘can’t live without’ makeup products. However, I don’t know if I would recommend the fixing mist as a product I would want to repurchase again. If you’re looking to try the range, then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, just note that they are full coverage and they’re most suitable for oily and combination skin. The best way to pick up a few products to try is through the 3 for 2 Boots offer, that way you can pick up 3 things you like and only have to pay for 2 of them at the till.


Have you tried the L’Oréal Infallible range yet, and what do you think about it?


I love you all

Rachel x


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