5 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2016


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In January it’s seems to have become a bit of tradition for bloggers and youtubers to share with their audience all about the New Year. Whether that’s sharing life lessons that they have learnt throughout the year, traditional new year’s resolutions or quotes to live the new year by. However after seeing Anna, from the YouTube channel Vivianna Does Makeup, share 10 things that she was looking forward to in 2016, I thought I would shake it up a bit and also share with you some of the things I’m looking forward to in the new year.


Personally, I find that January can be quite an un-motivating and depressing month, due to the fact that all the exciting Christmas events and parties are over, and everyone is just counting down the days until they receive their next pay cheque. So in order to make this month a little bit easier to handle, I thought it would be a good idea to look over the upcoming year and share with you some of the things that I’m most excited about.


1. Driving lessons and getting a car

Even though I turned 17 all the way back in October, due to my yearly dance show commitments and my mock exams I decided that I would post-pone my driving lessons until the new year. So obviously once 2016 came around the corner I finally started my driving lessons and had my first one earlier in the week. I was slightly unsure about how I would be driving, before I had my lesson, however all those worries soon went away and I absolutely loved every second of my first lesson. Without a doubt I now definitely have the driving bug and can’t wait for my next lesson and to ultimately pass my test and get a car.

2. Lot’s of concerts and shows

For me 2016 brings the opportunity to create lot’s of new memories, and this comes in the form of lot’s of concerts and shows. Over 2015 me and my mum slowly gained lot’s of different tickets to go and see some shows and concerts, due to my Mum’s birthday and a few shows we have wanted to go and see ourselves. So this year I’m really excited to go and watch Peter Andre perform, watch an adaptation performance of The Great Gatsby, and going to see Sister Act at out local theatre. Life is all about creating memories that we will treasure for ever.

3. Spending more time with friends and family

2015 showed me just how much I appreciate my friends and family, and how much they truly mean to me. When I’m feeling down and a bit stressed, nothing can beat spending time with your nearest and dearest. They love you unconditionally, know your really well, and ultimately help you to clear your head and face your life in a new way. As friends help you to have a really good laugh, act as your counsellor and help you have a really good rant.


4. Writing rachelspick

In 2016 I want to spend even more time writing this blog and really enjoying creating new and exciting content for you all to read. I love how I’m able to share my passion with you all through my little space on the internet, and get to talk about my life, share the latest trends and clothing, add in a bit of beauty and experiment with the internet and look of my blog. Writing a blog is so surreal, the amount of readership I receive and the brands which contact me; however it’s such an amazing experience and I know it will help me so much in my future career.

5. Turning 18 and becoming an adult

2016 brings the final year in which I will be counted legally as a child. As I’m now 17 and will be 18 in October, I don’t actually have that long until I’m going to become an adult and start to look after myself. It’s scary to think that my mum will no longer be responsible for me and I will really have to start making my own decisions and booking my own appointments, something I hate as I don’t like talking on the phone. This big birthday will bring an amazing celebration with my friends and family, as the youngest in the family is becoming an adult, and will also be opening a new chapter in my life.


What things are you excited about for the new year? Is it spending time with friends/family, a holiday to a new place, going to see an event or show, or a big birthday?


I love you all

Rachel x


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