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After sharing with you all 24 sparkly items that would be perfect to wear for New Years Eve, I thought I would give you a bit of inspiration on how to finish your look off. So this post is all about creating a small mood board of inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing, over your hair and makeup looks this New Years Eve.



First let’s start with the face. When it comes to New Years Eve we all want to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to our everyday makeup routines. Whether that’s just adding a bright and bold lip to match your colour of choice for the evening, or going all out and adding eye lids full of glitter. It’s the one night when you can really experiment with your makeup, as we only get this day once a year.


All Pictures sourced from my Beauty pinterest board.


The two makeup looks that I’m really loving at the minute, from the pictures above, has to be the gold metallic eye and a bold lip. I’m not saying that you have to wear them together, but I just think that they’re both really suitable for the season and suit me personally. The gold smokey eye is perfect for anyone with brown eyes, like myself, as the gold really compliments them and makes them pop. If you have quite deep set eyes as well, then adding a dark brown into your crease and really blending it out; making your eyes look amazing.


Then there’s the red and berry bold lip, that i’ve just been wearing to death over the festive season. They both look so lovely for this time of year, and also add a glamourous pop of colour and interest to any outfit. I especially loved the red lip with just a basic face of makeup and macara, for chirstmas, and I’m now really loving the more berry tones, with a bit of a gold eye.


Now let’s talk about hair. A great person once said that “you’re never fully dresssed without great hair”, so today I want to give you a bit of inspiration on how to be fully dressed for this New years eve.


When it comes to hair, there’s just endless possibilities. You can curl it, straighten it, crimp it, plait, put it up in a bun, put it in a ponytail or have it half-up and half-down. This wide range of options can be a reallly good thing and also a really bad thing, as you have so many possiblities that technically you should never get bored with your hair and should always be trying out new styles.  However, we all know that we get stuck in ruts, have no idea what we want to do with our hair, and then end up doing our go-to hairsyle even when we’re going out. So, I would recommend that you go on Pinterest and look for a bit of inspiration when it comes to your hair this new years eve. Pick a style you really love and run with it, maybe even practice it once before the day, just to make sure your confident doing it and love how it looks with your outfit.


All pictures sourced from my Hair Pinterest board.


Whenever I’m going out I just can’t resist a good curl. I just love how my hair looks when it’s been curled and I think that my hair lays so much better when it has a bit of a curl/wave to it, and not super straight and boring. However, I think that I’ve also began to get into a bit of a style rut with curling my hair, and just see it as the best option for my hair everytime I go out. So the next time I go to properly style my hair, I also want to try something new. Maybe a low bun with a side plait, or a high ponytail with a slight curl, as I just can’t resist a good curl.


What’s your hair style rut at the moment?


I love you all

Rachel x


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