Walk In Wardrobe Dreams

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Having a walk in wardrobe has always been a dream of mine. I’d just love to be able to see all my clothes and accessories hung up, and then be able to choose each item to create an outfit with. Having all your wardrobe in one room, where you build your whole outfit; starting from the underwear, all the way to the clothes, and finally the accessories. To be honest I think it’s any girls ultimate wish, who is a fashion lover, to have a walk in wardrobe and a personal dressing area.


However, many girls aren’t as lucky to get a walk in wardrobe, or even a big enough wardrobe to fit their masses of clothes in. But a girl can always dream. Therefore I thought I would share with you some of my design and layout inspiration for my own walk in wardrobe, if I was ever to be lucky enough to have one. I love the boudoir style interior design, where you have shelves and rails for all your clothes, a luxurious chair or sofa to sit and relax on, a dressing table, and maybe even a cheeky chandelier. But I also really love the sleek and modern interior design, where all the wardrobe’s slide open to reveal your clothes and accessories, modern art on the walls and maybe a gorgeous light up mirror which reflects the ‘dressing room for film stars’ vibe.


Do you lust over having a walk in wardrobe? If so, how would you design it, what lines would you go down?


I love you all

Rachel x


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