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As I’ve been on a bit of an unintended blogging break for the last week and a half, I thought I would come back to my blog with a bang and share with you one of my current favourite outfits of the moment. It’s where I mix my ultimate wardrobe staple, plain black jeans, a highly coloured and patterned shirt, and to add texture, a fur black gilet.

This patterned shirt has been a resident in my wardrobe for nearly a year now, however it’s probably only been worn around 4 to 5 times. When I first bought it back at the clothes show in Birmingham last year, I really loved it, but since then I kind of went off it a little bit, and felt it was a bit over the top and in your face. Anyhow, as the 70’s trend has well and truly come back in and big, bold prints are too, I decided on Sunday to pull it back out of my wardrobe and give it a good wear.

The original reason that I decided to pull this shirt out of my wardrobe was because I’d just bought this new black fur gillet from New Look. I’d been wanting one for ages however all the one’s that I’d seen when I went to go and have a look around the shops where super expensive; so when my friend told me about this one from New Look, I went straight away and purchased one.


This gillet has to be my favourite autumn item at the moment. Although I’ve only just bought this one, I’ve been loving the fur trend and think it adds a great different dimension to an outfit and an alternative texture too. In this outfit I love the whole mixture of different texture’s, pattern’s and colours, and how the patterned shirt was allowed to shine and was just paired simply with the black gilet and jeans.

This is one of my favourite autumn outfits so far and it’s so up my street that I couldn’t not share it all with you on here.

I love you all

Rachel x


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