My 5 Favourite Things About Autumn

5 Things I Love About Autumn

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As were now officially in autumn, and autumn is my favourite season of the whole year; I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite things about this leafy season.


The autumn clothing. I love how you can put layer upon layer to create a great autumnal look. A few of my favourite ways has to be the autumn dress, with thick tights and boots, the cute collar popping out from under a jumper, and the thick winter coat, paired with a cosy scarf and gloves.


Lot’s and lot’s of hot chocolate’s, that are covered in cream, marshmallows and usually a flake. You can’t go through any autumn without having a good hot chocolate or two.


Cuddling under a really fluffy blanket, getting all cosy and warm, to watch the TV or a film.


Having an evening bath, when it’s completely dark outside, a candle slowly flickering, and a lush bath bomb, with a gorgeous scent, fizzing away.


My ultimate favourite thing about autumn has to be my birthday, I suppose that’s why I love autumn so much, because I’m such an autumn baby, being born in October. I love going out at night for a meal with all my family, and celebrating the fact that I’m turning another year through my teens.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out my 5 ultimate favourite things about autumn. It’s my number one favourite season. I love the leaves falling off the trees, the chill in the air, the layers and layers of clothing, and just everything that feels so cosy about autumn.

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I love you all

Rachel x


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