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The Changing Room

I thought it was about time that I went back to my fashion roots again, and to kick it all off I want to share with you an amazing fashion and styling programme, that has only recently hit our TV screens. It’s called The Changing Room, and for the first time channel 4 has had access to the changing rooms of 6 high-street stores, in order to showcase Britain’s true changing room habits.

The programme features 6 high-street stores: House Of Fraser, New Look, H&M, Monsoon, River Island and House of CB, and goes into all their changing rooms, in stores throughout the country, in order to see what happens behind that changing room door. The underwear, the outfits, and ultimately the huge amount of selfies. It’s the one true time that you get to see what happens when people truly go to try things on.

The programme is hosted by the fashion designer Henry Holland, and mixes his love for clothes, fashion and styling, with his witty humour, and the funny moments that happen in that small changing room cubicle. In the first episode the programme follows around 7 different groups of people such as: a couple who have recently lost a huge amount of weight and need help with their new figure’s, mature best friends who love shopping and are looking for a 70’s inspired outfit, a woman who’s looking for the perfect statement dress in order to impress her ex-boyfriend, and another pair of best friends, who have a love for everything matchy matchy, and loads of changing room selfies.

It’s the ultimate programme that not only feeds are nosy needs when it comes to what happens behind that changing room curtain, but also helps us to eliminate our bad habits with tips and tricks when heading for the changing room, advice and guidance from the host himself, and a programme that mixes the serious and the not so serious side of fashion.

So, what are you waiting for, go and have a watch of the newest fashion and styling programme to hit the block. It’s on every Tuesday night, for the next 2 weeks, over on channel 4.

I love you all

Rachel x


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