Tips For Starting Your First Job

Tips For Starting Your First Job

Hello Lovelies


I know all to well myself, that starting your first job is extremely daunting. Around a month and a half ago I embarked on applying for a job, a real life job where I would have a contract, get paid and actually work with customers; and I some how managed to get an interview and actually get the first job I applied for. I’m know this literally hardly ever happens and I feel extremely lucky that it ended up this way.


So, after being through the whole applying, interviewing, training and actually working stages of getting a new job, I feel like I can now give a little bit of advice and tips on starting your new job, to hopefully give you a little bit of a heads up on how to approach a new chapter in your life.



Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I know that you want to be able to do it all yourself, and don’t want to ask for help, even if you maybe unsure or uncertain, but please do ask for help, because honestly no one minds lending a hand. Everyone at some point has been in your position and knows how it feels to be the new person at work.


Try to be the best version of you

Try to always show the best side to your personality, and allow people to see the funny, charismatic, genuine side of you, and someone who they can get along with and love to be at work with, not the person who is always very quiet, moody and introverted. Try to feel calm and relaxed, as that will impact on the other people you’re getting to know and then they will also feel the same around you.


Be open minded

Always be open minded and expect to do or take on anything that is asked of you. Almost go in with no expectations, as then you will not have any thoughts on what you should or should not be asked to do, and instead just go with the flow.


You will not know everything straight away

Don’t expect yourself to be able to do everything and know everything straight away, it takes time for your brain to get to grips with things and get used to new surroundings and new tasks. You won’t be able to do everything first time, and you may fail multiple times, but that’s okay, because you’re learning and it won’t always be like that.



I hope that you know feel a little bit better about starting your new job and that you find these tips useful. Also I would like to say ‘ Good Luck’ to anyone who is applying for a job or has an interview and is waiting for the result, and ‘congratulations’ to anyone who has just got a brand new job.


I love you all

Rachel x


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