4 Must-Have Summer Style Items

IMG_2159[1]IMG_2164[1]IMG_2166[1]Hello Lovelies


As the hotter weather is well and truly in motion, and we are now just into the second month of summer; I thought I would share with you my 4 must-have summer style items which I think are essential to living out those long summer days, in true style.


Although I’ve already had my summer holiday, I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to share this post with you all, because I know that many of you will be heading off to lot’s of beautiful locations over this month and I feel like I’m in the perfect position to share these items with you. I’ve been able to test out each item to the max, and see which one’s fell at the first hurdle and which items I just could not live without…


A great pair of sunglasses 

Let’s face it, if you’re heading off to a hot and sunny destination for your summer holiday, then you’re definitely going to be needing a pair of sunglasses to take with you. I personally love the cat eye style of sunglasses and find they suit the shape of my face the most, however if you go and have a shop around, and try a few different styles on, you will soon find which type suits you better.


For my summer holiday I took away these two pairs from River Island, one’s a tortoise shell print, and one’s a more leopard print, and although they will probably not still be in store for you to buy today, I generally just want to recommend their sunglasses altogether, as they make eyewear that is super stylish and super affordable.


The Perfect Summer Sandal

This year I have found it particularly hard to find a sandal which is not only very chic and stylish, but a sandal which will be durable and is a sensible price to pay for a pair of shoes you only really wear for 2-3 months of the year. However, in the end I did end up finding my perfect summer sandal, in the form of these block heel, strappy sandals from Next. They’re the perfect height, so you’re feet don’t ache too much and they’re still comfortable to wear, yet they look really stylish and go with every outfit. I have them in the nude/pink colour with the gold covered heels, and then the plain white pair. If you’re interested in these sandals, you can go and find out more information HERE.


Denim Shorts

I personally think that you can’t live through the summer season without having at least one pair of go-to denim shorts, that are able to go with anything and everything. They’re an item which will always be in style and will provide you with a base for several amazing summer outfits. I love this pair from Miss Selfridge, as they’re a really versatile denim and will go with any other fabric or colour, however the cute detailing of the balls on the edge of the shorts and the pattern that goes up the side of the leg, adds a really pretty detail to the shorts, and creates a different dimension to any outfit.


A Bikini

Well this bikini isn’t just any bikini, it’s the only bikini that I’ve ever found on the high-street that has provided not only a good fit, a good shape, an amazing price, originality, comfort and such a beautiful look. This is the first year I’ve really had the body to be able to wear a bikini, and I wanted to find the perfect one that was basically like the fit of a bra and pants. As I’m not a fan of the triangle style of bikini’s, where there’s just two pieces of material covering your boobs, I found it really hard to find something flattering and something that fitted perfectly. However, I finally found it in this bikini from New Look. It’s super pretty with this almost crop top style top half of the bikini, with this netting that hangs over the top. I just love how it looks and how nothing is on show or at risk of popping out. If you want to find out more about this bikini, then click HERE.


I love you all

Rachel x


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