The Beauty Of A Different Place

img_21401 Sometimes in life I feel like you need clarity, something which can trigger your brain to really analyse what you have going on in your life and how you’re tackling each area or section in it. I personally think that everyone needs this in order to continue in life, progress and become a better person each and everyday, even if it doesn’t always feel like you’re developing. These times are crucial to each and everyone of us as people.

Recently it came up in conversation with a friend, that you’re the only one who actually lives your life and is part of each individual section in it. For example, I’m the only one who lives the world of writing my blog, going to my school and doing my chosen A-levels, being with my group of friends, working at the place where I do with the people that I do, and being part of my family. I’m the only one in the world who lives this exact life, and therefore I feel like sometimes you need to just step back and think about how you’re doing with each section of life and how you’re going to go on with each one from where you are now.

The reason why I have chosen the title of this blog post to be ‘The Beauty Of A Different Place’, is because I feel like going to a different place, with a different walk of life, different surroundings and even a different language can help you to just analyse your own life back home and really makes you feel lucky about your own life as an indivual. The work you do, the relationships you have and the hobbies you love to do. These things are all indivual to you and therefore sometimes you don’t need to talk to someone else about your life, but just have a little self talk and self clarification.

I love you all

Rachel x


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