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Hello Lovelies


If you read my ‘How to find your style inspiration’ post back in September last year, then you will know that I’m generally not someone who really admires a certain person’s style; and if I was going to, then it definitely wouldn’t normally wouldn’t be a celebrity. I think the reason for this is because celebrities are just so out of my reach and wear clothes that cost money that I would never dream of spending on a item of clothing. Realistically I will never be able to go and buy an item that I see a celebrity wearing, normally this is the case but obviously there is a few exceptions. So, generally I normally admire more fashion bloggers and youtubers who are real people and have real realistic budgets for clothes, that still have amazing style.


However, as I was flicking through my Pinterest, as I literally do every single day, I noticed that a certain celebrity’s style kept appearing over and over again on my ‘fashion’ pinterest board. To be honest, even when I wrote that style inspiration post back in September, I said that Olivia Palermo was one of my only style inspiration exceptions, and since then I have continued to love her style and decided to dedicate a whole post to her and her amazing sense of personal style.


There’s quite a few things that I love about Olivia Palermo’s style, for example I love how she wears realistic items of clothing that are normal and that you could find a high street alternative for quite easily. What I mean by this, is that you often see celebrities wearing a really unique style of jacket, that you might of never seen before; and obviously that’s great for them to have unique items, however you will never be able to recreate that item or look unless you have an item made or make an item yourself that is similar to that. As she always wears items that would be accessible and in turn that makes you relate to her style a lot more, as you can think about what items you have in your wardrobe and how you can use them to recreate similar outfits to her.


Also, I love how chic her outfits always are and how she never looks over done or fake, she always looks very pretty, feminine and super chic. I think the reason for this is because I always strive to try and be very chic with my clothing choices, because I think that you just create an air of elegance about yourself and then you always look presentable. It may also be because I love and admire Parisian style, and that real channels the idea of being chic, and that’s probably why I love the idea and strive for it so much.


I love you all

Rachel x


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