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Hello Lovelies


As it’s now the middle of June, and tomorrow we’re approaching the longest day of the year, I thought it was about time that I brought back the seasoned clothing edit style of post, that I do on here. If you don’t have any idea at all what I’m talking about, then you should probably go and read last season’s post HERE. Basically it’s a post which includes around 5 key trends, colours or pieces which I love, and that I think will be cost-effective and stylish ways to bring your style from one season and into the next new one.


Tan Coloured Accessories

This new colour of accessory, which seems to be storming in and dominating over everyone’s colour choice regarding shoes, bag’s and other fashion extra’s; is the newest and latest trend which is going to be great for not only the summer, but also right through autumn. With all the 70’s vibe’s that are on trend at the moment, the tan accessory has become massive and is often seen a lot as suede. I’d say that investing in a few key tan coloured accessories, such as a good pair of sandals or wedges and a good statement bag, will take you through all your accessory needs this summer, and will be super versatile as they will go with literally every outfit.


The 70’s Colour Palette

This next idea, follows perfectly on from what I was saying previously about the tan coloured accessories, as we are moving even more towards that colour palette, which is seriously inspired by the 70’s. The 70’s is such a massive trend at the moment, and has been for both spring, summer and will be for autumn; however I think that you are best to stick to the colour palette from the trend, such as mustard yellows, burnt orange’s and terracotta’s, than towards the actual 70’s style of clothing. I personally think that the 70’s style of clothing will kind of fade off and will not be in trend for that long, however, I definitely think that the more modern pieces with the 70’s colour palette and some of the patterns and prints, will be sticking round for a good while yet. So you will get your money’s worth when you pick up some of these pieces.


Ripped Denim

This trend has hit the whole world of denim by storm, and has made everyone want to change up the look of their denim and add in a bit of distressing and a few good old rips. Ripped denim is the perfect way to make an outfit look a lot more casual and edgy, as well as looking bang on trend and has the ability to look very dressed up, if it needs to be. It’s so versatile, as all denim is, and is something that has been around for all of 2015, and a good part of 2014 too, which makes me feel quite confident that it’s going to be staying around for a bit longer, and definitely will be through this season, and the other two that are yet to come this year.



Floral’s is a trend that generally comes round every spring and summer season, as the flowers begin to bloom and everyone loves to reflect that idea, by wearing all different floral prints and patterns. However, this year they seem to be even more popular than ever and are being used in more unique ways to create an unconventional floral look. They are super feminine and girly, and I think they’ll be a great way of making a statement and wearing a standout piece in your outfit. This could be done by wearing a very bold and bright floral pair of trousers with a very simple white shirt, tan accessories and minimal jewellery, or as a dress with very neutral accessories and a few small and simple items of jewellery.



The final trend for this season’s clothing edit, comes from the half jacket/half cardigan, which is super patterned and printed, and is called the Kimono. It’s the perfect throw on cover up that allows you to add texture, colour and pattern to any outfit, and they look particularly great with shorts and at a festival. What makes them so great, is that they are all so different and unique, and there is never one that is boring. They are all so individual and are a great summer piece that you can throw in your bag, in case you get a bit chilly, or to even wear as a kind of bikini cover up on the beach, to stop you from catching the sun. They are already really on trend and popular at the moment, and will to be in the summer, and with the vibe of the 70’s colour palette; I think they might even transition through to early autumn, depending on whether we have a bit of an Indian summer or not.


I hope that you have enjoyed this seasons ‘The Clothing Edit’, and feel inspired on what pieces, trends and colours are going to transition nicely from the spring season and straight into the summer one. I just hope that the weather gets a bit better in the UK, so that we are able to wear and rock all these lovely colours, trends and pieces from this post.


I love you all



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