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If you’re a regular reader of rachelspick, then you will know that I don’t really do beauty or talk about it on this blog. It’s not that I don’t like a bit of make-up and a good old face mask, but I don’t feel like it’s really where my passion or expertise lie that much. But today is without a doubt the exception, and I’m going to be raving about a fairly new palette that I have found on the high-street, that I just love too much to not share it with you all.


A couple of months ago, I was on the hunt for the perfect rose gold palette, that was basically the naked 3 palette, but on the high-street. And honestly, I never thought it would quite so hard to find, as it was. I literally spend ages searching through every makeup section in boots, and although there was a few eye shadows that were kind of on that theme, there was nothing like what I really wanted; a palette that I could use everyday, and that had a lot of different rose gold tones that all worked together. But then on the off chance, I decided that I would go into Superdrug and have a look, and there sat the perfect rose gold palette, that basically had my name written on it, just sitting there waiting for me. What made it even better, was that it had a very small price tag of only £6, or something very similar to that. I couldn’t even believe it, so I quickly went to the counter and snapped this little beauty up.


In the palette there is a perfect mix of both matte eye shadows, and sparkly eye shadows, which can all be mixed and matched with each other to create several different looks. To be precise, there is exactly 3 matte shades, a lovely cream highlight shade, a very light brown shade and a more mocha shade of brown. Then there is also 7 sparkly shadows, a light sparkly baby pink shade, a sparkly brown shade, a deep purple sparkly shade, a deep rose/pink shade, a sparkly dark brown shade, a matte black with a good hint of silver sparkle, and my favourite colour, a rose gold sparkly shade. Although I’ve not actually tried out every colour in the palette yet, the ones that I have used, have been very good for the money. I would definitely say that the sparkly shades apply onto the lid better and have a better colour pay off, and the matte’s are a little bit chalky and need more blending on the eye lid, but overall much better than other drug store palettes that you could get for £6.


As well as having 10 eye shadows, both matte and sparkly, you also get a double ended eye pencil; one end a black eyeliner, and the other end a more neutral and nude eyeliner. I personally think that the eye pencil is the thing that lets the whole palette down, because these are the worst thing in the palette. Don’t get me wrong, neither of the colours on the pencil are awful, but the black is not the greatest colour pay off and doesn’t stay on very well, and by the end of the day you have it all under your eyes. Then the nude eye pencil, this is nice and great in the tight line to brighten up your eye and make you look a lot more awake and alive, however this again doesn’t have a very good colour pay off either. They aren’t the worst eyeliners in the world, but definitely not the best.


Overall I do love this palette. I think that it’s an great alternative and dupe for the naked 3, on the high-street, and is perfect for someone who wants to have a versatile palette that can provide them with a lot of different options and looks. It’s such a great price and is really easy to buy and access, as it’s Superdrug’s own beauty brand, and can also be ordered online too. However, I wouldn’t recommend relying on the eyeliners, as I said before, I personally think they are the weakest part of the palette and do let it down overall. But the main stars of the show, which are the eye shadows, are good and do the job really well. If you are looking for a more expensive alternative to this, still on the high-street, then try the new Color Riche La Palette from L’Oreal.


I hope you have enjoyed me venturing a bit more into the beauty side of blogging in today’s post, and feel inspired to go and buy this bargain of a rose gold palette.


I love you all



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