Norfolk Photo Diary


Back in February, me and my mum went on a lovely little 4 night, 5 day holiday, to a lovely area of Norfolk. It was the perfect get away, for us both to relax and for me to be able have a little get away before our big family holiday in July. When we went on this holiday, I was just at the start of the process of starting to revise and prepare for my exams, so I knew that in the easter holiday and the may half term, I would have school work and enhancements to go to; so that’s why we decided to go so early in the year.


The area of Norfolk that we stayed in was just so lovely, relaxing , calm, serene and completely beautiful. Although I do live in a big village, it was just so much quieter and more in the countryside than where I live. I think there’s just a vibe when you live by the sea, that no where else has. It’s the vibe of the sea air, the sand, and all the holiday makers who want to enjoy what the UK has to offer.


All the pictures above were taken at a lovely beach in a small village called Happisburgh, actually pronounced Hayesborough. We thought we would go and have a walk on the beach there, with our Chihuahua Menzes, because this is the village that my mum and dad had stayed in only around 5 months before, and my mum wanted to show me the lovely beach that was there, and the little village in general. And, I’ve got to say that it was such a lovely beach, that was sheltered, calm and really beautiful. There isn’t that much in the village, however if you do go and have a look at the beach, then very near by is a little café, that I’m sure would satisfy all your food and drink needs.



Another lovely place that we visited was Cromer. It was the perfect seaside town, that had a good amount of little independent gift shops, especially the gift shop that is just up the road from the little boots, as you head towards the church in the centre of the town. It may look small from the outside, but honestly it is huge, and has over 3 floors of different gifts, to satisfy all your nick nacky desires. Also, if we would of had more time, I would of loved to visit the pier and look out on the gorgeous view of the deep blue sea.


Cromer is just such a lovely little seaside town, that was perfect for a little bit of a shop, a walk on the beach, and just a general little couple of hours of seaside paradise to go and have an experience of. And, hopefully if you go, the sky will be just as beautiful as it was in these pictures.


I hope you have enjoyed a different style of post and feel inspired to go and visit the lovely area of Norfolk.


I love you all



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