‘Re-writing The Royal Ascot Dress Code’ With Farfetch

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For a bit of a change from my normal content, today I’m going to be writing this post as a competition entry with a brand called Farfetch. Farfetch is an online retailer who specialise in luxury clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories. They pride themselves on carefully selecting each and every independent boutique that they stock on their website, and each one’s sense of individuality, uniqueness and diversity, is extremely important to them as a brand. They were founded in 2008, and have fairly quickly grown to a huge online retailer, that showcases over 1000 luxury brands. Ultimately, they want to bring together all different styles, creative visions, and talents, into one easily accessible outlet, that will allow each brand to shine.

If you would like to find out more about the brand, you can go and have a read of their website HERE. But I must warn you, you may need a bank loan, as these items could definitely break the bank.

The main idea and theme around the post, if you haven’t already figured it out, is one of the biggest events in Britain, The Royal Ascot. Once a year, the Ascot racecourse in the village of Ascot, Buckinghamshire, open’s it’s doors for one of it’s most popular and well-known events in the British calendar, and this happens to be called Ladies Day. This is a chance for women of all ages, tastes and generations, along with their partner, husbands or family, to dress up in their finest attire and ultimately have an amazing day full of hats, dresses and some competitive horse racing.

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As you can see by the pictures above, their is a very obvious and strict dress code, that all people that attend The Royal Ascot must abide to. One of the main principals of this, is that the royal ascot is an occasion heralded as a major fashion event in its own right. Therefore I personally think that they want you to dress very appropriately, think carefully about your outfit, look very womanly and feminine, and respect the fact that you should be covered up, and not have your boobs or mid drift on display.


However, through this competition, I have been asked if I will re-write some of the royal ascot dress code, and then create an outfit/s made up purely from items from the farfetch website. Which trust me, was not hard to do.


Firstly, if I was writing the royal ascot dress code, I would say that you should wear an outfit which showcases the high-street, individual boutique’s or upcoming designers, in which you are wearing. By doing this you are inspiring others to explore the original source of your outfit and promoting a different element of British fashion. In addition, I would also include the fact that you should create an outfit which is extremely chic, sophisticated and creates a true air of glamour and class. Finally, I would say that you should just be yourself and ultimately wear an outfit which reflects your personality and uniqueness, and never wear something which does not truly represent who you are.


Regarding the outfits, I have decided to create two very different outfits to inspire you and make you think a little bit out of the box about what you could wear to the royal ascot, if you were to be going.


Outfit 1

Re-Writing The Royal Ascot Dress Code Outfit 1

Outfit 1, is a much more traditional look for a day at the races, a short cocktail dress, with an array of classy silver and gold jewellery,a gorgeous set of heels and a Jimmy Choo clutch bag to finish the whole look off. The dress is a lovely contrasting patterned dress from a brand called Marco Bologna. It is a very classic style and shape, as well as the the monochrome dots, which is the pattern on the main body of the dress. However, I love how it has two panels on either side, of the skirt part of the dress, which has this bang on trend bright yellow colour, mixed in with the monochrome, to keep the theme running through the dress. It is so up to date and would be a perfect dress to wear for the younger woman attending ascot.


Outfit 2

Re-Writing The Royal Ascot Dress Code Outfit 2

Outfit 2 is without a doubt a lot more daring, and I don’t think would actually be appropriate or be allowed if you were to go to the actual royal ascot on the 18th of June. It is a much more edgy and cool vibe to being extremely dressed up, and these gold and black gemmed high heels, definitely contribute to this . However, I think that this dress, from a brand called Oscar de la Renta, really brings back the very gorgeous, elegant and femine air that we need from an outfit, and the amazing structure to the dress and the print of the silver flowers, would make any woman feel and look a million dollars. Although you may not get away with this look, I definitely love this look so much more than the first one.


I hope you have all enjoyed a bit of a different post, and feel inspired by the serious luxury items that farfetch has to offer, and how you can create your own look on the high-street or on a budget. Just remember that every woman can look and feel beautiful no matter what they pay for their outfit. As long as you have a vision for what you want to look like, then the rest really is irrelevant.


I love you all



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