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A few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get my own desk and be able to have a space to not only revise and do all of my school work, but also where I can sit and work on this little blog. I just had so many revision guides, past papers and work books, around the house, that it just wasn’t possible to be able to properly concentrate and revise. So after having a bit of a mini stress out because I needed to revise and everything was just so disorganised, me and mum were then on the hunt for a desk, and somewhere in our house to put it.


Fast forward to right now, and I have a lovely, kidney shaped desk with a solid glass top. It’s the perfect size for all my school work and revision related things, but there’s also room for all of my fashion books, which are too pretty not to display, and all my notebooks to do with blogging. I have an amazing view of the garden, as it’s situated in the conservatory, and I have a few of my favourite quotes and sayings hung up on the glass door.


However, the reason why I’m writing this post, is because as soon as I had my desk it went straight into use for school and revision, and although I did go and buy a few bits to dress it up and a few stationary bits, I don’t feel like I really got a chance to think about the design of my new desk, and what I really wanted it to look like. So, I thought I would create this post as a little place to inspire you and me on our desk design. I know it may sound stupid to some people, because surely what it looks like doesn’t matter that much. But for me it makes me feel so much better, and makes me enjoy being and work at it. There’s no point of having a desk if you never use it or never feel inspired to go and work.


I think I have done enough talking and explaining. It’s time that I just leave the pictures to do the talking and to hopefully inspire you on your office/desk design. If you loved reading this post or are looking for even more desk design inspiration, then go and visit my Pinterest board HERE.


I love you all



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