The Ripped Jeans And A White Tee Edit


Ripped Jeans-River Island, Nude Sandals-Next, White Textured Tee-shirt-Zara, Floral Necklace-Not sure


As spring is well and truly in motion, and summer is literally just around the corner, I thought it was about time that I brought back my little version of an OOTD post, an outfit of the day post, for you all. It’s a much easier way for me to be able to show you one of my favourite outfits, without having to wait for the weather to be my friend and posing in a random location; as well as being able to show you the clothes in detail and take the emphasis off me wearing it and instead onto the clothes.


For the big comeback of this post, I decided that I would base it around an outfit which I am just loving wearing at the movement, and which I think is a great representation of my current style. As winter is now well and truly over, I’m trying to work out the black from my wardrobe and embrace more colours, shapes and textures, and I think this outfit is one of my favourite ways of doing that. It’s the perfect look for both the day and the night, with a very simple change from some converse, to some more classy and chic strappy sandals. It’s still fairly warm, as the weather has still not quite sorted itself out in the UK, but also very summery and cool to wear for those spring days.


This outfit incorporates quite a few of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe lately, and one of these includes these ripped jeans from River island. These jeans have to be one of my favourite pair ever. They are just the great amount of ripped, stylish and perfect for the kind of dressed up, but still casual with a pair of jeans, look. You see so many bloggers and pictures on instagram and tumblr, with people really rocking the sandals and a pair of ripped jeans trend, and these jeans are the perfect jeans to do that. They fit really well around the waist, and are the perfect cut which is not too skin tight and skinny, but also not ridiculously baggy. But what makes them even better, is the fact that I bought them in the sale for an unbelievable price of £15, when originally they should have been £40. That teaches me to look round the sales in river island more often.


Another one of my favourite pieces from this outfit, has to be the textured white top from Zara. This top has to my favourite way to incorporate texture into a look. It’s a really unique, almost like a square net material, but a lot thicker than netting. It has this amazing way of being able to just look so chic and simple, yet so super stylish, and looks good with everything you pair it with. It has two slits around 3/4 the way down the side of the top, and would look perfect with shorts or jeans, like have paired up here. It’s definitely one of those wardrobe staples, that every girl needs in her life.


 Finally, I have to speak about these amazing strappy sandals from Next. If you read my Summer 2015 Style Wants post, then you will know that I have been on the lookout for the perfect summer sandal, that not only looks stylish, but which is also really comfortable; and without a doubt, I have found that with these sandals. They are the perfect mix between a day to day summer sandal, and the more night time, going out strappy high-heeled sandal. They are ridiculously comfortable and make a great day time or night time shoe. But what’s even better, is that they only cost £28 a pair. I loved them so much, that I even bought a second pair in white, which I am saving for when the weather gets a bit hotter, and for when I’m not so pale.


Click HERE to read my previous style edit post. I hope you have enjoyed this different style of an ootd post, and feel inspired to go and style up a great outfit for yourself, incorporating your favourite wardrobe pieces.

I love you all



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