Summer 2015 Style Wants

Hello Lovelies

The Weather in the UK, without a doubt, has started to get so much hotter over the last few days, and now all of us brits are really starting to think about our summer wardrobe’s and those summer holidays which we booked back in January. However, it’s not always that easy to look forward to those endless summer days, when we still have plenty of work still left to do until the clock hit’s official holiday time.


Although this may be the case, I can almost guarantee that nearly every women in the UK has brought something for the summer season to stock up and slowly build their summer wardrobe. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, it definitely does to me, as I have a lot going on between now and the holiday season, so I thought it was about time to buy a few things that I have seen and loved from the high-street, and to start thinking about my summer style and what I’m going to be wearing in the upcoming season.


As I am beginning to plan my summer style and thinking about what looks and trends I am going to be inspired by, I thought it would be a good idea to share my summer style wants with you all; Items that I’m needing and wanting for this summer season, in order to satisfy my clothing and accessory desires.


All Pictures sourced from Tumblr


So, are you ready? Let’s go.


For summer 2015 I want:

The ultimate pair of sandals which are both stylish and classy, as well as being super comfortable.

The bikini which basically looks like a bra and pants that match. So nothing is hanging out or at risk of.


A pair of white jeans which can be dressed up in the evening and dressed down in the day.


Lot’s of rose gold jewellery, which will satisfy my pure love for it.


A few pattern kimono’s that I can quickly just throw on over an outfit to keep me warm and to add a little bit of something extra to the outfit.


The perfect summer floppy hat, which I can rock out with my sunglasses.


Yet another pair of sunglasses, to feed my addiction.


Some more of the new Barry M quick dry nail varnishes. There’s some gorgeous shades and I’m really struggling not to buy the whole lot. #nailvarnishaddict


To buy some jewellery and hair accessories which are a bit out of my comfort zone, but which I absolutely love.


And finally, to experiment with colour and patterns, which are not black and white.


Is there anything that you’re lusting over for spring or summer? And, have you already started to plan your summer wardrobe, or am I just thinking way to far ahead.


I love you all



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