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As I’m sure all you lovely people know, recently Pandora has had a real revival and has probably become one of the most popular brands of jewellery to own. So many women own something from the brand, whether that’s a pair of earrings, a ring, or their most well-known item, the charm bracelet. It may not be the cheapest jewellery brand, and it’s definitely not the most expensive, however the reason why it is so popular, is because it’s prices are middle of the road, and are affordable for the average person who would like to buy a good quality piece of jewellery.


It may just be me, but generally I’ve found that if you own a piece of Pandora jewellery, then you love to see everyone else’s and see which earrings, rings and charms they have, because you appreciate the brand, and also because you like to be a little bit nosy and see if there is any items which you might like to add to your Pandora collection. So, I thought I would share with you the pieces of Pandora jewellery I own, and hopefully I will be able inform you and inspire you on what rings and charms there is available to buy, and just what Pandora jewellery looks like if you have never seen or heard of the brand before.

Out of the hundreds of items that are available to buy from Pandora, I have the traditional silver charm bracelet, the thick banded, silver, flower ring, and the silver, thin banded, daisy flower ring. All of the items that I own from Pandora have all be gifts from both my friends and family, for various events such as my birthday, Christmas and Easter, which makes them so much more special and sentimental to me.


Let’s start with my traditional, silver, charm bracelet. My mum brought this for me as a present for my 16th birthday, and is something that I will always treasure and love, as it was one of my first pieces of proper jewellery, which I will then be able to keep and wear for a long time.


Out of the charms that are available to buy, on my bracelet I have: two silver heart clips which stop the charms from moving around the bracelet and also look really pretty and femine, two silver circle game spacers, which add a little bit of glitz and glamour to my bracelet, one silver bow, which I just love, a hanging, silver, gem encrusted R, I love this as it’s my initial and makes my bracelet super individual, a hanging, silver 16, which will always remind me that I had my bracelet when I was 16, a hanging, silver, sparkly guardian angel, which is always there for good look and to look after me, and finally my latest edition, a silver handbag, which has a gold bow on; because I just love a good handbag.


Now let’s talk rings. As I mentioned earlier, I have two Pandora rings, which are both flower inspired. There is the first one, which is the thick banded, silver ring, which has a pattern of larger flowers, with a gem centre, and smaller flowers, with just three small, round circles in the centre of each one. This ring is great for someone who is looking for a bit more of a wearable, everyday ring, which can be worn with everything, would be strong and fairly sturdy and would also look pretty and femine. It’s not the cheapest Pandora ring, however it was a lovely present for my 16th birthday, and would be a lovely present for a very special lady in your life.


The second Pandora ring which I own is completely different to the first one. This ring is the thin banded, silver ring, which has one large, cream/white flower in the middle of the ring, and a silver centre and outline to the flower. This ring is a perfect going out ring, which makes a real sophisticated and girly statement on your finger. However, I can not imagine it being that durable to wear day to day, and can get caught on certain fabrics quite easily.


Out of all the Pandora jewellery which I own, I would definitely recommend the charm bracelet as a good item to buy as both a gift for someone else or for yourself. It’s so versatile, and it’s so lovely how a lot of different people in your life can contribute to it and leave a lasting silver or gold memory on your bracelet. It may not be the cheapest Pandora item, however you can choose how far you want to go with it; whether you just buy the bracelet or you buy the bracelet and several charms as well, it’s really up to you. However, I would say that if you are looking for a discount on Pandora, then I would recommend visiting an outlet village which has a Pandora shop, because I can guarantee that you will get some amazing deals.


I love you all



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