A Love For Paris

All pictures sourced from Tumbr and We Heart It


Without a doubt, I have a love affair with Paris. Although I may have only visited the beautiful place a few times, I just seem to have an inner love for all things Parisian. It’s doesn’t matter whether it’s a just a picture of somewhere pretty in the city or whether it’s a tee-shirt with some thing French and Paris related. I just love anything and everything about it!


Back in October I went on a school trip to the city in question, and it was honestly the best holiday I have ever been on. It was packed full of French fun, and lot’s of amazing trips in order to see the beauty of the city and all of it’s famous monuments. I never been so tired in all of my life, but I have also never had so much fun in a city, and being in such a stunning one which you see so many pictures of on We heart it and tumblr, makes it even better. One day I’m going to post all my photos from that holiday on here, because I can’t not share the amazing moments and memories I had there with all of you.


Whilst researching for this post, I found an amazing Tumblr blog that is great for Paris Photography. It’s actually where I got quite a few of my photos for this post from, and if you’re a fan of Parisian related photos then you need to go and have a good old look and follow, because you would absolutely love it, like I do. It’s called Paris Beautiful, and you can go and have a look HERE. Also, it has an lovely French quote at the top of the blog which I couldn’t not share with you all; “Paris le jour, Paris la nuit, sous soleil ou sous la pluie, Paris sera toujours… Paris!”. Which means “Paris by day, Paris by night, under the sun or in the rain, Paris will always be…Paris!”.


There’s also a lovely song by an amazing up and coming artist on Youtube called Josh Savage, and the song is called Lost in Paris. It’s one of the most gorgeous songs that I think really captures the vibe of Paris and is so visual that you can almost imagine yourself being there right at the moment you’re listening to the song. You can go and subscribe to him HERE, and listen to the song HERE.


Do you have a love affair with Paris?


I love you all



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