Party Wear Wishlist

1. Topshop RARE metal toe sandals £52.00, 2. ASOS Needle & Thread embellished mesh lace dress £75.00, 3. Topshop long sleeve wrap playsuit £39.00, 4. River Island pink fur large clutch £30.00, 5. ASOS premium bonded fit and flare dress £65.00


Hello Lovelies

Even though it’s way past the traditional party wear season, of Christmas and new year, I still feel like party wear is really making an appearance in my wardrobe now and will be in the next couple of months. It’s just because of how many 16th birthday’s I seem to be going to, and general other dressy events. So, I just thought that a good old wish list, inspired by this current theme of fashion that is very relevant to me at the minute, would be the perfect way to kick off the new month and my first style post of the year so far.


Being a very glamorous person, I love getting all dressed up. It’s a time to don the glitter, the sparkles, and any outfit that normally just sits looking pretty in your wardrobe waiting for that one special event when it gets to have a bit of an outing. It’s a time when I flourish the most with my style, because I love party wear and just how each piece that you have can make you feel so good and has so many amazing memories sewn into in. Getting glamorous is just my thing, and I absolutely love it!


As I have been needing so much dressy, party wear, I have obviously been lusting after it too. There’s not actually that many pieces in the shops anymore, because Christmas and New Year’s Eve have long been gone and now the shops seem to think that everyone has a serious lack of parties and events to go to. However, I still managed to find a few pieces that not only tickle my party style taste buds, but they hopefully do yours too.

Firstly, there’s this gorgeous sparkly playsuit from Topshop, by a brand called Oh My Love. It’s a gorgeous royal/navy blue colour, with flecks of blue glitter running through the whole piece. It’s something that would look so gorgeous on a night out and could really be a simple statement piece that would take little accessorising to create it into the perfect going out look. The best thing to do would be to pick one metal colour, such as gold, silver, copper etc.. and then just wear accessories with this colour in. This way you will create a sophisticated, going out look. that will look super stylish and co-ordinated. Perfect!


Another item that I’ve found is these gorgeous metallic strappy sandals, also from Topshop. I love how these are a current twist on the traditional black strappy sandal that goes with anything and everything in your wardrobe. These would just create a different, more edgy feel to any outfit that you paired them with, and at £52.00, they may be a bit expensive, but they would seriously be a statement piece that you could rock over and over again in 2015. As this year is carrying on the love for metallic’s.


Party wear will always be something that I will love to look at, buy, and make the most amazing memories in. And, I hope that I have inspired you to evaluate your party style so you can feel the same about it too.


I love you all



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