5 Life Lessons Learnt in 2014


Hello Lovelies

Without a doubt, 2014 was a really crazy year. It had so many amazing moments which I will always treasure in my heart forever, and moments that weren’t so nice, that I will remember for all the wrong reasons. Obviously I’m not going to discuss these on here, as I’m sure you can all appreciate that I don’t want to discuss all elements of my life on the internet.


Sticking to the nicer moments of 2014, there was so many that I will always remember and love. For example, In October I went on a school trip to Paris, with 4 of my really good friends. Not only was it the most fun filled, amazing trip of my whole life, it was also full of new experience’s and just saying yes to doing everything. It was one of those moments where you truly appreciate just spending time with people without the internet or your phone to rely on. We just had so many funny moments that were purely down to what funny things people did each day, in order to keep us entertained. I always find those are the best moments!


Also, I hit probably one of the first big age milestones of my life, which I can actually remember, which was my 16th Birthday. I always knew that I wanted a big party to celebrate my big birthday, and even pre-warned my mum about it a year before, just so she had a lot of time to get used to the idea.


My birthday party was definitely one of those things where I chose every part of it myself. I chose the venue, the food, the music, the decorations, everything that I wanted, was able to happen; and I loved every single second of it. Honestly I have never danced and sang so much in my whole entire life, and for that one night, I just had no cares or worries, and completely let myself go.


2014 seemed like a real growing up year, a chance to really begin to act like an adult and not rely on my parents so much to get me through various situations. I have learnt how to do so many different things on my own, and have got a lot more confident when doing things new or going into situations I have never met before; which I suppose is a really good thing.


I’ve also learnt so many life lessons along the way, and have realised to appreciate every single thing that happens in every single moment in my life, even the bad things. There is always something good that come out of a positive situation and I think that 2014 really taught me that, and the fact of how short life really is. I think that’s why I really wanted to write this post and really share with you what lessons I learnt throughout 2014, and which ones I would like to take forward this year.


1. Do something you love everyday

Life is way too short to be doing something that you hate. Spend your life doing something you always enjoy and you will feel so much more content and happy with your life. I love this quote because it really motivates me to blog and makes me realise that although schools is important, your blog is something you love and something you need to make time for as well.


2. There is no time like the present

Don’t put things that you need to do off, just because you know you will have time to do it tomorrow. Just pick yourself up and force yourself to do a few of those things on your to-do list. Honestly, you will, without a doubt, thank yourself for it later.


3. Life is too short

You never know what is round the corner in life, so you shouldn’t waste time doing pointless things or hanging out with pointless people. Just live your life all the time how you like it, because at the end of the day, you are the controller of your own future, and only you can determine what life you will lead.


4. Appreciate every moment

You never know when something may happen or when you may never have the opportunity to do a certain thing again. So just live for the moment and take every opportunity you have and really conquer your fears. Not because you have to, but because you really want to, and will be so proud of yourself when you do.

5. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person

There’s times in life when people say things that are hurtful and times when things happen that are sometimes not worth letting get to you, and just letting it go over you head and deciding to be the bigger person. It creates so much less stress in your life and teaches you to grow up a bit.


I hope that you are already having a great start to 2015, and feel motivated to have a great year!


I love you all



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  1. 13th January 2015 / 7:02 PM

    Your are a wonderful young lady with a grown up mind who with succeed in life in all you do. xxxxxx