Day 7: Christmas Hair & Beauty Inspiration

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to day 7 of my 10 day countdown to Christmas!


So, I thought it was about time that we had a little chat about what we’re all going to be looking like on Christmas Day. Obviously everyone is different and some people just like to be super relaxed and wear minimal or no makeup and some comfy jogging bottoms and a tee-shirt; because lets face Christmas is not all about what you look like. However, unfortunately I am just not one of those people and I can’t bare to not dress up and make an effort on a day that only happens once a year, and that everyone waits so long for. I always find that I enjoy the day more if I feel like I am looking my best, and don’t mind having my photo taken etc..


To start off with, we are going to talking all about what is going to be going on from your shoulders and upwards, obviously if you have longer hair, then it is probably more from your boobs and upwards. But basically we going to discuss all things hair and beauty related. That’s goes for what you’re going to do with your hair and if you’re going to wear it up or down, are you going to curl it, plait it or keep it straight? Are you going to wear minimal makeup or go a bit further, are you going to wear a bold, red lip or more of a muted, nude one? There’s so many questions that need to be answered, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you had not thought about one of them. Which is why I have created this post to fill you with inspiration on what to do with all of those things on the big day!


First let’s start with hair. Hair is always a tricky game to play, as you never quite know what to do with this mane of hair that lives on top of your head. It’s something that has to be thought out very precisely in order for it not only look good all day, but that will also not bug you and make you just want to get a bobble and have a messy bun. So, I have created this cute, little mood board of a couple of ideas to get your juices flowing.


 The simple ponytail is always a good card to play, because of how simple, quick and easy it is to do and it literally take sup 30 seconds of your getting ready time. However, you want to add a little bit of something something to make it a bit more Christmas appropriate and not so, I’m going for a run type of feel. So, adding a cute Christmassy bow around your main bobble is a great idea. It looks super cute and festive, as well as being so versatile, because you can just change the colour and add another piece of ribbon to create a whole new dimension and feel to an outfit.


Another great idea is to go for the very simple blow-dry look. Obviously you have two options here, either you go and have your hair blow-dried the day before, it order to wake up with lovely, luscious locks, or you have to be a bit of an expert with a round brush and the hairdryer in order to create this super chic and effortless look to your hair.


Now let’s talk beauty, what’s going to going on in and around the face department. Are you going to go for a more minimal makeup look, kind of everyday, a bit of mascara, foundation and just the nice, natural makeup look. Or, are you going to take it a step further and think about some kind of bold lip, matte or shiny, are you going to try some new eye shadows that you have bought and create a gorgeous smoky eye. It’s really crucial, because I always think that on Christmas day you want to just look really pretty and almost quite toned down. Christmas is a family day, and you should look respectable, and not like you’re going for a night out.



 One of my favourite looks to go for, and probably most of the older teenage, early twenties girls in the world, has to be Kylie Jenner’s really flawless base, a good old wing of eye liner, and those nude/brown lips that are just to die for. This makeup looks so good on so many different people and skin tones, as well as being super versatile and able to be made up or down very easily, as well as going well with any outfit or hair style. It also looks so femine and pretty, I just love it!


Another massive trend for Autumn/Winter 2014, that has come back around again from last year, has to be the dark lips and dewy skin combination. This is a great look to go for if you are looking for something much more noticeable, and full on, without looking too made up or like you are going out. You can vamp it up with a dark lip and more intense eye makeup, or vamp it down by wearing a lighter berry shade on your lips with a more muted and nude eye. It’s really up to you.


I love you all



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