Day 9: The Little Token Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to Day 9 of the ultimate, festive countdown to Christmas.


Me and Christmas Shopping, without a doubt, have a love hate relationship. There’s the times when I love going round and picking cute present’s for all my friends and family, that I know each person will love; and then there’s the times when it’s extremely chaotic, and you literally can’t find anything to buy for anyone on your Christmas list.


I don’t really know why there’s so much variation when you go Christmas shopping, but the only thing I can really think of, is time. You need to go at a time when everyone else isn’t going to go, such as a weekday evening, when most people are coming home from work and will not want to then go shopping. These nights are a great way to get some seriously good shopping done, without the chaos of lots of people, and with the benefit of some amazing late night shopping hours.


Another thing which undoubtedly sways me towards hating Christmas shopping, has to be finding the perfect little present, the perfect token to just give to a friend, with a card, to wish them a happy Christmas. I know it might sound easy, but I always want to be more creative than a traditional selection box or the £1/£2 tube of sweets that only get brought out at Christmas (you know the ones I mean, there’s smarties, jelly tots, every sweet going really).


So, in order to satisfy not only my pure hate for finding the perfect ‘token’ gift, but also to help all of you out in finding the perfect little gift for your friends and family, I have decided to base day 9’s post all around a gift guide for those awkward little presents. All cute,little ‘token’s’  that any woman would love. There’s a bit of beauty, cute lifestylely bits, and of course a good old bit of chocolate.


Ted Baker London Beau Box Bathroom Set Mini hat Box £10.00, Pintail Candle in ‘Mulled Wine’ £3.95, dotcomgiftshop Lunch Box Rambling Rose £4.95, Topshop Nail Pyramid in ‘slipper’ £5.00, LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb £3.75, John Lewis Heart Santa bauble Ankle Socks £5.00, Hotel Chocolat Serious Dark Fix Chocolate Selection Box of 8 £8.00, Topshop Lips in ‘Beguilded’ pyramid £8.00, Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Pallette £4.00


These Candles from Pintails are probably the most amazing all round candles EVER! They are just the perfect blend of candle that smells good (when burnt and before burning), looks good, and is super affordable at around only £3.95 per small tin candle. the only real downside to them is just how small the tin is, and they don’t actually burn for that long if you have it on for more than a couple of hours each time you burn it. But what do you expect for the money! I just think they are the best presents for any woman that loves candles, and I would 100% recommended them any day.


Another cute, little gift idea,that I love, has to be to buy one of LUSH’s famous bath bomb’s. By far, LUSH’s bath bombs are the best bath bombs that I have ever used, and I will ever go back to anything else now I have discovered LUSH. They are just the best luxury bath product ever, and even the people who don’t really do baths that much, will not be able to resist the urge to put the plug in and run one, because they smell so delicious and they give you such a bath experience. I have done this for some of my friends, and I think that it is such a cute way to give someone  a token Christmas gift.


I hope you now feel truly inspired on what to buy in those awkward ‘token’ gift moments.


I love you all



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