Day 10: What does Christmas Mean To Me?

Christmas 2014

Hello Lovelies


Do you know that I have not posted for the whole of December so far? Well, not any more, because starting today, I am going to be kicking off the 10 day countdown to Christmas, by posting something festive each day right up to Christmas Eve, and maybe even a cheeky post on Christmas day, you never know. It just seemed to be a great way to still be able to join in with all the festive, Christmassy things on here, without having to wait until all the Christmas period is over and start a fresh, clean slate in the new year.


So, to kick off the 10 day countdown slightly more lightly, I have decided to go a bit talky and deep with you all, and discuss what Christmas mean’s to me!


Christmas is like no other British holiday. It’s the one time of the year when nearly everyone in the whole of the country isn’t having to work or go to school, but they are just able to spend quality time with all the people that really mean the most. It’s a time when families and friends come together to celebrate an amazing holiday, with plenty of food, presents, and in my families case, lot’s of games.


The meaning of Christmas for me has definitely changed over the years, obviously when you are little you only think about what presents Santa has brought you and left under the tree, and what new toys you are going to have to play with that day. But as I have gotten older, Christmas seems to have so much more value and worth than it has ever done before; because now I really enjoy going out and buying presents for my friends and ultimately my mum and dad, they have spoilt me so much over the years, and I would like to give them something back. And, also just the whole atmosphere of Christmas, and how shops play Christmas songs to accompany your massive Christmas shopping list, and all the sparkly lights as you drive from village to village. Christmas just seems to be so much more than the presents now, and they are just the nice added extra’s to make the day even better.


As I mentioned earlier, playing games on Christmas day is a massive tradition in our family. It’s the one time of the year when we are allowed to play a game of Monopoly for hours on end, and get away with sticking post-it notes on our heads with different pop stars and animals on. The whole main reason for this, is just because it’s Christmas. There’s no time limits or work the next day, it’s the time to really let your hair down, eat lots of food and for me, spend time with my all my family, especially my cousin who I don’t see as often as I would like to. We all have such busy lives, and have our own careers, hobbies and lives to be getting on with, so it’s so nice when we can all just be together and forgot about all of those things, and just have a great time.


There’s so many other things that I look forward to at Christmas, such as: on Christmas eve my mum always likes to go to the carol service at our local church, and we sing our hearts out to all the best Christmas classics, and then we always have my mum and dads best friends over afterwards, and enjoy plenty of food, open our presents early, and watch any Christmas specials that are on that night. I know it may only seem like a few small things to do, but I just love doing them, and it really resembles the start of Christmas for me.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about all the wonderful, little things that I love about Christmas with my family, and feel inspired to think about what Christmas really means to you.


Love you all



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