“Own Your Bed Head” With Casper

Bed Head HairFrom Left to Right: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Pink Tangle Teezer, Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray, Schwarzkopf got2b Styling oil, Hair Elastic Bands/Primark


Unfortunately, Bed Head Hair is just something that we all have to face every morning. It’s not a case of the fact that only a few people suffer with it, it’s just one of those annoying things that happens in life. However, if your one of those people who doesn’t care about what people think and just really embraces the messy lock’s, then I definitely applaud you, because I would never dare do anything like that. But some people just do suit the messy, just got out of bed look.


Even though over the last few years, messy hair and the “beachy” look has definitely become something that we all want to achieve, I still don’t think we’ve gone as far as to literally just embrace complete bed hair. Obviously some people’s bed hair is worse than other’s, it really depends on the length of your hair and ultimately what type of hair you have. However, we all don’t exactly adore the way our hair looks when we get up, and that’s why, along with Casper, I’m taking part in the “Own your bed head” project. To inspire and share tips on how to embrace your messy, bed head locks this Autumn/winter.


So, If your wondering what the brand Casper is all about, then let me rewind a little bit and tell you a bit about the brand. Firstly, It’s a luxury mattress brand, that is both proudly produced and made in America. They create the most amazingly comfortable mattresses, that will give you the best night’s sleep you will ever have, By uniting a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam. They have created a sleep surface that lovingly contours, while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature.

*Parts sourced from the Casper Website


My Bed Head hair is not really anything to shout home about. It’s not really super voluminous, although I would love it to be, and it’s definitely not out of control. However, it can start to get a bit unruly at times. I’m not saying that I don’t get bed hair, because I certainly do, but it’s more managed and masked by these few vital, life-saving tips and products that I could never live without.


  • Put long hair up into a plait at night, to prevent it soaking up any excess sweat and oil , and to just get it out of the way. Use small elastic bands to secure the plait, to ensure it stays in the hair all night and keeps everything in place while your sleeping.

  • ALWAYS use dry shampoo. It’s an absolute life saver.

  • Embrace the messy look, and just make that the look that you were going for. Use a salt spray to really enhance the whole effect.

There’s also many other products that I love to use to tame my messy locks every morning, which you can see listed above. A pink tangle teezer, which every girl needs to have in their lives, some styling oil, which is great for nourishing and smoothing the hair down, and of course dry shampoo, which I just could not live without. I really love this one from Aussie, it’s almost completely invisible and creates the gorgeous feeling of freshly washed hair.


I hope that with these few tips and a handful of products, you will now feel confident to really rock your bed head hair, and completely own it. Thank you to Casper for asking me to take part in the project, and if you would like to find out any more about the brand, then click HERE.


I love you all



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