An Autumn Party Look + A Unique Nail Infographic

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As I’m sure you all know, I’m a massive fan of Nail polish. I just seem to love everything about it, from all the different colour choices, all the different varieties, and mainly just how it can really transform your nails and create a whole new aspect to an outfit. So when I was recently contacted by luxury nail polish and beauty brand Julep, regarding their new nail polish range and their unique nail infographic, I bit at the chance to get a look at the new range and to know how to transition my nail loves from the warmer months to the colder months.


So, you’re all probably wondering what this brand is all about. Well, Julep is a luxury nail polish and beauty brand that aims to break all the rules of beauty. Since it was founded as a nail parlor in 2007, Julep has expanded into a rapidly-growing beauty brand that takes an end-to-end approach to product development, testing, and distribution. As they’ve evolved, connection to their customers has remained core to their approach. That’s why they source high-quality ingredients that actually work, and never make anything they wouldn’t use themselves—or recommend for their moms, daughters, and best friends.

*Sourced from the Julep Website


The brand asked me if I would create a look all based around one of their nail polish colours, which being a fashion blogger and all that, I was obviously more than capable of doing. So, as it’s finally coming to the time that the temperatures are getting colder and everyone is getting into the Christmas mood, I thought that I would base my look around a warm and festive Autumn Party.



Ariana/Julep, Black Sequined Dress/Topshop, Purple Patterned Kimono/ASOS, Purple Platform High Heels/New Look, Purple Crystal Earrings/Pandora


Firstly, I chose this gorgeous mulberry coloured nail polish, with a hint of good old sparkle from Julep, to base my whole look around. I’m really loving purple at the moment, I think it’s the real depth and wintery feel that the colour has. It’s a great colour not only for your nails, but for all the accent colours in an outfit.


Secondly, I decided to choose this stunning, black sequined party dress from Topshop. It’s a lovely pick for any autumn party, and is something that will complement Ariana nail polish perfectly.  I love how it would really hug a womanly figure, and add a bit of sparkle and elegance to any party look.


Finally, I chose all the purple accessories to go along with both the sparkly nail polish and dress. I chose this unique kimono from ASOS to add a bit of pattern and texture to the outfit, along with these purple shoes and these earrings to flow the colour of the nail polish through the whole outfit, and pick out the gorgeous colour that would be painted on the nails.


In addition to wanting me to create a look all based around one of their luxury nail polishes, they also sent me a unique nail transition infographic to share with you all. It’s a great little guide on how to transition your favourite nail looks from summer to autumn, with various nail colours that you could of possibly loved during summer, and which colours are best to go for in autumn and winter. You can go and have a read of it in the link below:

I really love this whole infographic and I hope you all do too. It’s a great little guide that will really suit every nail polish lover out there. If you would like to know more about Julep, then click HERE.

I love you all



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