The Best Of We Heart It- September Part 2

The Quotes

 Hello Lovelies


THIS ROUND OF THE BEST OF WE HEART IT POSTS ARE INSPIRED BY my rejuvenated zest for life, a desire for colder months, and a couple of birthday wishes. 


September brought the time to finally bring all the elements for my 16th birthday party together, the invitations, the favors and ultimately the cake. Who can have a birthday without cake? It was something that i had been carefully planning for months, and I had spent a lot of time and effort into really making sure that every thing was exactly how i wanted it. However, that definitely made the pressure pile on when it was time to hand out all the invitations, and find out what the verdict was going to be about the party. The thing is, when you host a party, you need people to be excited about it and want to come, because that creates interest around the whole idea and encourages other people.


Luckily, I have some amazing friends that really supported both me and the party, and I think overall we all had an amazing night. The music was at full volume, the drinks were flowing, and the cakes were ready to be eaten. It went exactly how I planned it to go, even though I had so many worries and fears about the whole thing. It actually worked out so well, and I shouldn’t of worried about anything.


Was your September filled with any birthday joy?


Regarding all things we heart it, last month was far from very productive or active, and that’s why i feel like I’ve again had to dig into the depths of my hearts from September, to create this second post. I just didn’t seem to heart that many quotes last month. Hopefully you still enjoy these few inspiring quotes, and I will be making it my mission to heart some amazing quotes this month.


My Absolute Favourite

I think ultimately my favourite quote from this month would have to be, “do what makes you happy and be done with all the rest”. I don’t really know why i love this quote so much, but i think its just the fact that it really promotes that you should just do the things that make you happy, and that your the most important thing. I think this is a quote that I need in my life in the next couple of weeks, as well as just it being my most favourite quote over all.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this round of The Best Of We Heart It posts, and feel inspired to go and have a good old browse on We Heart It. I only have another three of these posts to do before I start a brand new monthly series for next year.


You can go and have a read of all the series so far HERE.


Love you all



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