The Best Of We Heart It- September

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


THIS ROUND OF THE BEST OF WE HEART IT POSTS ARE INSPIRED BY my constant love for all things fashion, the urge for warm, autumnal baths, and a bit of feminism. 


September was just one of those months that seemed to go by so quickly, one day it was the first of September and we were all celebrating about the fact that we had to head back to work and school, and the next minute, it was the 30th of September, and my mind was grinding away at me about writing these posts. So far this year I’ve been super consistent with all my We heart it posts, and even though this set may be late, I wanted to still power through and not let myself down by missing a month out.


As I previously mentioned, end of august/start of September is the time when we all head back to school and begin school life again. However this time I had to really knuckle down right from the start of the year, as I’m going to be doing my GCSE’s in this school year and i need to work my arse off to get the grades that i want. Obviously, I’ve you been through the whole process of your final GCSE year, or are going through it now, you will know how much homework you get, and how much is expected of you in every subject. So therefore, I made it my mission to try and stay organised and on stop of everything that I need to do in school, on here and generally in life, so i can then get things done more effectively without getting all stressed out about things. As you probably all know, i get overwhelmed so easily, so hopefully this will help me keep focused and be calm and collected Rachel, not super stressed out and stupid Rachel.


Because of all the amount of work I had throughout the month of September, We Heart it definitely got put on the back burner.  So, when I went to create this post, i had a lot less to choose from than I usually do,  and I think that’s why i found it hard to find a few themes that run through my pictures this time,  to create the little inspired by… subheading, that i have going on at the start of these monthly posts. However, there’s still some really cute and unique pictures that are featuring in this post that I love, and I hope that you do too.


My Absolute Favourite

I think my favourite would have to be the picture on the right hand side, and one down, with the Sony camera. I love how this picture has the camera kind of faded in the background and the main focus in the picture is the lense and the skyline that’s in it. It just seems to represent so much hope and it;s almost like a little insight through a camera lense. i love the way this has been taken and edited, and definitely needs to feature in my photography inspiration pinterest board.


I hope you have enjoyed this round of pictures, and feel inspired to go and find some cute and unique pictures on we heart it.You can cach up on all the previous posts HERE.


Love you all,



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