Street Style At London Fashion Week SS15

Hello Lovelies


Well, it’s been that time again. When all the fashion forward people of Britain, gather together to celebrate their true love of fashion. It’s an event that many girls admire, and would love to attend; and for the fair few lucky ones, they actually got to sit on the front row of a catwalk and maybe rub shoulders with a few super models.


London Fashion Week is always just such an iconic moment for British fashion, and I think that it really showcases how stylish all of us Brits are! It really makes me proud to be British. I just love to see how varied the styles are, and how people combine different trends, shapes, textures and colours, to really go all out for fashion week. However, this year the celebrities where not the ones making the impression, it was all the bloggers, editors, fashion stylists, that are all normal people, but have a true flair for fashion. Let’s face it, Street style really did rock London Fashion Week this autumn.


Following on from I said in my previous post, which you can go and have a read of HERE. I find street style so inspiring and it’s actually my favourite kind of fashion to keep updated with and read about. It’s just so different and it really makes me think more outside of the box with my own personal style. Somehow, it’s just so much more relatable, because if I see an item that someone on the street is wearing, I know that I’m much more likely to be able to go and buy that item myself; as you can’t really do that with celebrities.


There was so many amazing looks on the streets around London Fashion Week, as I skimmed through the internet and read a few fashion magazines. There was just so many inspiring looks that were so different,cool and edgy, and were something that I would love to recreate myself. When I see a look that really inspires me, from a fashion magazine, or usually from Pinterest, I love to then go into shops and really try to push myself to try new things and branch out my own personal style.


Just above is a few looks that i found on the internet from London fashion Week that I loved, and that I thought were quite different and unique. Most of these represent different elements of my personal taste in clothes, and although i might not necessarily dare to wear them yet, I would still love to one day.


Two of my favourite looks would have to be on the middle row, on the left and right hand side. They both combine a lot of different elements of fashion, such as different contrasting colours, prints and textures. However, they still really work well altogether as one outfit, and I think that’s what I love about them so much. I’m currently doing my textiles GCSE project based around Modern Vintage, and I’m also wanting to use the element of contrasting prints that somehow work together. I think that’s what these looks really remind me of.


I think the moral of the story, is to not just focus all your attention on people that are well-known and that are in the spotlight, because you’re really missing out! Branch out and try to find inspiration from the undiscovered talent of 2014, as bloggers, editors etc…, are soon going to be our fashion future.


I love you all



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