A/W 2014: Fluff & Faux Fur

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Welcome to the Forth instalment of My Guide To Autumn/winter 2014.


Well, you know fur, it’s coming back in, ready for autumn and winter 2014. But it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. There’s no longer just going to be fur on coats, but also on tops, bag’s, and even shoes. It’s going to be another one of those key elements to your potential style next season, so you need to know how to rock it, and exactly how to get it right. But there’s only one way to do that…


As all you fashionable people know, the whole world of fur in fashion, is not a new thing. It’s been around a lot longer than many of our life time’s, and is definitely one of those trends that kind of never tires, even though it flicks in and out of fashion.


Fur, originally was used by all of human kind to protect our bodies from the climate and any harm. However, fur soon became an item that showed wealth and power, when the Egyptian Kings, in 3000-300bc, would wear leopard skin and lion skin when they performed symbolic ceremonies. Then, in the 11th century, in western Europe, many luxury furs such as ermine, mink, sable, and chinchilla, were reserved for royalty and many other upper class roles. It was even known that some barons would mortgage their land in order to buy ermine for their wives.


Fur really was something that only wealthy and powerful people had. It showed intelligence, strength, and most of all the class of the person that was wearing it. However, today, fur is still a hot topic of conversation, as many animal rights activists are regularly protesting against real animal fur being used to make clothing and other products to sell on the high-street. So, this is why we now only sell faux fur on the high-street, but I’m sure that the royals in the 11th century would of been shocked at that decision. I’m personally against anyone using real fur, in case your were wondering, because it’s not only cruel, but also a bit grim and probably not that clean.


However, we can still rock some amazing faux fur, in autumn/winter 2014, right from the comfort of the great British high-street. It’s a trend that every girl needs a piece of, and will be able to keep for many future seasons.


So, to stop all of you searching the whole high-street to find the best faux fur, I’ve trawled the internet and found 12 of the best pieces around. There’s hopefully a fur item for every taste and style, and they may even convince a faux fur virgin, into having a try.


From Left to Right: ASOS £60.00// New Look £39.99// New Look £64.99// M&S £9.50// ASOS £70.00// Topshop £58.00// Boohoo £3.00// River Island £30.00// Boohoo £3.00// ASOS £10.00// ASOS £90.00// ASOS £35.00

Style Guides

If your a faux fur novice, then you should try out this peach snood from boohoo.com, this royal blue, fur hat also from boohoo, or these cute, muddy cream earmuffs from M&S. All these items are very easy to incorporate into your personal style, and rock the fur trend without going to over the top. They also look so cute and warm in the colder months.


If you love yourself a little bit of fur, then you should go for a bit more of a stand-out piece, that will really last you a long time, and will be an item that you will never want to take off. The best item to go for would be this checked coat with a fur collar from New Look, or this fur gilet from ASOS. they’re both items that would really change up a simple casual outfit, and would also look lovely paired with another fur item, double fur may become a new trend.


I hope you now feel inspired to try out a bit of faux fur yourself. You can catch up on my last post HERE.


All the history about fur was sourced from HERE.


I love you all



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