A/W 2014: The Box Bag

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the third instalment of my guide to Autumn/Winter 2014.


Today, I’m going to be talking about a must-have accessory, that every woman need’s in their wardrobe. It’s from the family of the woman’s true friend, and looks amazing paired with a cocktail dress and a killer pair of heels. So, your all probably wondering what this mysterious item is. Well, it’s called the box bag, and is the newest must-have handbag to hit the catwalk.


The concept of the box bag is quite self explanatory, it’s basically a handbag, such as: a tote bag, day bag, clutch bag, that resembles a box shape. But, not all box bags have to look exactly like a box, in order to be classed as one. As there are many styles that resemble elements that make the box bag what it is today.


Many box bags are in the form of a clutch bag, because the shape is a lot easier to get away with, when it’s something that isn’t used on a regular basis. Although, there are a few other bag styles that can also be classed as a box bag. If a bag has a strong square structure then it can be classed as a box bag, as well as bags that are more rounded and long. See, there is a few guidelines, but they can quite easily be stretched either way in order to produce the perfect outfit companion.


The concept of them may be quite self explanatory, but how to style them is not so easy. The box bag really is a stand-out piece, and is something that is always going to outshine anyother elements of an outfit. So you have to be smart and savvy, in what you style them with, in order to create the perfect autumn/winter 2014 look.


So, are you ready to take on the challenge of a box bag??


To inspire you all, I have trawled the internet and chosen the best 9 box bags on the market. There’s a style for everyone, all you have to do is pick your favourite.

From Left to Right: Zara £39.99// New Look £24.99// New Look £19.99// Zara £49.99// Topshop £22.00// ASOS £15.99// New Look £29.99// Flying Wardrobe £32.00// Boohoo £24.00


Styling Ideas

Outfit Idea 1

The outfit is a really girly take on the box bag. It uses the Sparkly clutch from zara, and picks out the two key colours of orange and pink to create a vibrant look that would be great for a night out in town. It’s then paired with a few gold coin accessories, to mute down the bold colours.


Outfit Idea 2

This Outfit is a bit more of an edgy take on the box bag, with this bang on trend, bright yellow box bag form Topshop. It’s then paired with muted tones to make the bag the real standout piece of the outfit. The boyfriend jeans add a slouchy and relaxed vibe, with a sheer white shirt undone, and some Chelsea boots, that all create an edgy traveller/photographer feel.


I hope you feel inspired to try out the box bag, you never know it may become you new favourite accessory. Check out my previous post HERE.


I love you all



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