A/W 2014: Beauty & Hair Inspiration

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second instalment of this month’s Guide To Autumn/Winter 2014!


The second thing that I’m going to be covering, in this month long series, is completely hair and makeup related. It’s all about the latest trends to hit the catwalk, to enable you all to rock autumn/winter 2014, the girly way. Although, I wouldn’t say that all the trends themselves are girly, with a hint of metallic and heavy brows on the cards, as well as edgy hair styles that are bound to bring some masculinity to the table. Next season really is going to be one for the women.


Regarding beauty, next season has two main contrasting trends. There’s the metallic look, with bronzed eyes, lips and a sun kissed face, and the more stereotypical feminine look, with big, fluttery eyelashes and a fault-less completion. Within these two main categories, there’s quite a few varieties of looks that are set to take autumn/winter 2014 by storm, such as blue eyeliner, the nude lips, next to nothing eyes, and ultimately, the angular face! That one definitely is something that your just born with.


I know myself, that when you first hear about a trend it’s hard to visualise the look, and know exactly where to start. It’s just because were not all experts and have the opportunities to have all the latest products and visit all the big fashion events. I wanted to try and make this post really informative and relatable for you all, because I’m far from being an expert at beauty, that’s why I don’t blog about it, but I think that if we all work together, then we can all rock makeup and hair for autumn/winter 2014.


So, to get all your hair and beauty taste buds tingling, here’s a bit of inspiration from the catwalk to get you started.





What I’m going to be rocking

Taking about beauty, there’s so many different looks to choose from, and I’m kind of a bit bamboozled with what look I want to go for. However, I would really like to try the classic femine look, with the big lashes, and an amazing base, because I’m always on the mission to try and create the perfect foundation and concealer combination. But I think I might change it up between the two looks and kind of find a happy medium.


On the other hand. hair wise, I think I going to be heading towards the kind of effortless but chic wave, and plaits. They’re just both hair styles that suit me, and are both hair styles that I already wear and merge into my day-to-day routine. So, I will probably just add a bit of an autumn/winter 2014 kick, and I’ll be ready to roll


I hope your feeling inspired and ready to rock your hair and make-up next season. Also, you can check out the first instalment of the guide HERE.


I love you all



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